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Moving to Bali

Ask anyone where they would like to party and live this summers and BALI undoubtedly would be amongst the top most choices. The island is known to be magical for all age groups; there is something about the warmth and friendliness plus the climate of the island nation, which brings expats, travelers, scholars and tourists from all over the world to her shores. Today we would like to tell you all about moving to Bali, the current market rates as well, if real estate is what you are keen on knowing and also how you can live in Bali with affordable accommodation, round the year.

Most people from well to do nations and developing ones throng to Bali each year, either for pleasure or for business and if you are one of them, Bali will surely welcome you with warmth and open arms. It doesn’t matter if you know the native language the citizens of Bali speak or not, there would always be help at hand in the magical island of South Asia. Now when we come to the living standards and the land or real estate prices, it would depend on the location you choose to live in.

When moving to Bali and deciding on taking property in your name, there would be various factors to look into before buying a piece of real estate. For example, you would want to look at the proximity of the location from the main road, the kind of utility services available in the chosen area for daily comfort and even transport and other services meant for the public, which you may want to avail of when settled in Bali.

If you look at places such as Sanur, Ubud and even Kuta for real estate or property, the prices are sky rocketing since they are popular spots thronged by tourists the world over. You could even look at the mountains that dot the landscape of northern Bali for attractive property and real estate deals, much to your surprise they range between $10000 to $15000. The land is exquisitely beautiful and you should have your own means of transport, since that is one aspect you wouldn’t find there in abundance. Even if you think of utility services for daily living and comfort aspects, the northern mountains would not offer much, so although the real estate value is dirt cheap in such places, you would have to think of practical daily living.

When you come closer to where the action is, which is the centrally located towns of the island nation, you would for real estate and property have to cough up more than what the northern mountains of Bali would demand. The views from the central and town located property deals would be majestic and amazing, but not without a high price as a tag, somewhat $45000 to the minimum. If you look at getting yourself a piece of real estate on the shores of Bali, overlooking the majestic ocean, but half an hour away from the central district and towns in Bali, you would cough up nothing less than $80000 to begin with.

Remember folks, the closer to the shores overlooking the ocean you get, the costlier it is to purchase real estate, sometimes it could go up to anything between, $300,000 to $550,000 for a wonderfully located premium lot. Such premium spaces are generally bought over by the rich and famous from all across the globe, because of the proximity to the ocean, the rapids around and the wonderful settings of Ubud.