Miami, Here We Come

Visiting Miami is a little bit like standing in front of a buffet table – so many dishes, very little space in the stomach! When you’re visiting Miami, you’ll feel like there’s not enough time to do everything that’s important and fun in Miami! There are, literally, thousands upon thousands of shopping destinations, hundreds of Miami attractions and a long list of Miami beaches to visit. This is a time when you’ll truly appreciate a good visitors’ guidebook to Miami or if you’re on tour, your Miami tour guide can give a pretty good idea on where to go and what to eat in Miami.

Otherwise, here’s a list of top recommendations to the stretches of haven that the world knows as Miami.

You can’t visit Miami without visiting the famous beaches

Mention Miami and what immediately comes to mind are the calming beaches that span the coastline. Many tourists admit that the reason why they decided to visit Miami was because of the Miami beaches. Esther Piper, a 24-year-old tourist, says that she couldn’t get enough of the beaches and after spending 2 weeks in Miami, she’s STILL not completely covered all the beaches in Miami! Formerly a coconut plantation, Crandon Beach Park on Key Biscayne leads the pack of beaches on the top beaches in Miami. Crandon has more than 2 miles worth of sandy beaches in a layout of calm-water lagoon-style shoreline.

Your visit to Miami will not be complete without a short visit to the 1,200 foot sandy beach of Lake Worth Municipal Beach. Many tourists go there to enjoy the beachfront and do some Miami-style shopping there; not to mention that it’s a good time to stuff their tummies with delicious delicacies too!

Miami shopping jungle

It’s really a jungle of pedestrians out there on Lincoln Road mall! Lincoln Road Mall is a street mall with as many specialty shops offering a wide range of products and services as your imagination can take you. This Miami shopping attraction is consistently filled with people from all walks of life – from locals to foreigners. Funky, stylish, sexy, electronic, specialty gifts, you name it, this Miami shopping attraction has it. Lincoln Road Mall stretches over 8 blocks and is a well-known people-watching spot in Miami.

Other places you cannot miss in Miami, especially if you’re a shopaholic, are Bal Harbor Shops, Cocowalk and the Miracle Mile in Miami.

Miami offers spiced-up version of nature

Don’t leave Miami without visiting some of the back-to-nature parks and centers here. For example, the Miami Seaquarium is the home of the famous Killer Whale Lolita and Flipper, star of the popular TV show. While the Miami Seaquarium offers a wide range of aquatic animals, the Miami Metrozoo is a first-class zoo to a myriad of animals ranging from zoos, tigers, bears, komodo dragons, okapis, bears, lizards, snakes, etc.