Low Acid Coffee For Sensitive Stomachs

One of the main characteristics in choosing a coffee selection is based on the acidity, whether it is low or high, bright or balanced. But one unfortunate fact to take into account is that there are many Java drinkers, approximately one out of ten, who have issues with digesting their Java due to the effect of the acidity on their sensitive stomachs. That is incredibly unfortunate, and there is no way that anyone should be allowed to miss out on the delicious and complex flavor that all Java has to offer.

That is where the process of making low acidity coffee comes into play by using mushroom extracts to take the acid out of the beans. The mushroom is called Ganoderma or Reishi, and its extracts are used to roast with the whole beans to completely enhance the roast and make it easier for your stomach to digest. This allows the levels of acidity in your stomach to be alkalized so that you can easily enjoy your Java every single day. The beans and mushroom extracts are steamed all naturally so that any irritants are removed that may occur through the roasting process, so you are less likely to have ill effects from the acidity, like heartburn, upset stomach, and indigestion. Even though many harmful irritants are removed from the acidity levels, you can still enjoy the same amazing flavors, tastes, aromas, and caffeine content. The method behind this is the use of an herbal remedy to create a low acidic coffee that is actually classified as healthy so there are no ill effects on your digestive system.

Historically, mushrooms have been used as an ancient Chinese method for boosting immunity. Mushrooms are actually an ideal addition to reduce the acidity in Java because they can be formed into a powder that allows the acidity levels to be lowered within your cup of Joe. Ganoderma is actually a wonderful nutrient to add to your Java because it has been proven to have many health remedy effects like improving your mood, deepening your sleep cycles, increasing focus, and promoting healthy liver function. Ganoderma is actually a red mushroom that has been cultivated for over 4,000 years and is used medicinally in China, Japan, and Korea. It grows in mountain forests with dense vegetation, humidity, and cool darkness around the trunk areas of dead trees. The species itself is incredibly rare, and that is why its use to provide nutrients and reduce acidity in your Java is so valuable for those with sensitive stomachs.

If you are drinking this type of coffee daily, then it is a wonderful way to enjoy all of the vast flavors that Java has to offer, while also balancing the pH of your body so that high levels of acidity in your drink do not upset your stomach. This addition has also been known to regulate blood sugar, increase metabolism, and eliminate toxins from your body so it is truly an optimal way to get even more out of the health benefits that coffee has to offer you!