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Lovely Lovina – Bali’s Best Kept Secret

Hugging Bali’s north shore, Lovina is some 99 kilometres away from Ngurah Rai International Airport in the south of the island but light years apart from the increasingly commercial and tourist saturated south. The journey itself is an attraction, with the road to Lovina Beach winding and twisting its way through some truly breathtaking vistas across the island. As you pass through the central highlands you can expect to see quaint villages, endless green rice padis, crystal clear fresh water lakes, winding mountain roads inhabited by curious monkeys and lush forests. The entire journey takes a few hours and eventually you arrive at the sparsely populated lowlands of North Bali.

Located 7 kilometres east of Bali’s historic capital Singaraja, Lovina is a sleepy town that grew out of a handful of tiny fishing villages stretching across 10 kilometres of pristine black sand beach. Unlike much of southern Bali, the influx of tourists hasn’t completely overwhelmed the traditional ways of life in Lovina – in addition to the tourist trade many locals still earn their living through fishing and agriculture.

The first thing visitors in Lovina notice is the laid back and serene atmosphere of the place. Gone are the massive chain hotels and endless hordes of tourists – Lovina is a sea of calm tranquillity where the loudest sound is often the gentle roar of the sea. The waters near Lovina Beach are home to pods of friendly dolphins that are always more than happy to swim up to passing boats; predictably, dolphin sighting tours are one of the area’s biggest draws. It should come as no surprise that Lovina has a strong affinity with dolphins – a magnificent dolphin sculpture adorns the centre of the town. The calm waters in Lovina Beach also make it a popular diving and snorkeling location. Other attractions include a hot water spring, many superb spas and a wide selection of very reasonably priced dining and drinking venues.

As the south of Bali grows to accommodate ever increasing throngs of tourists, lesser known places like Lovina Beach in the north will rise in prominence as the perfect spot in Bali to get away from it all. A number of exclusive and secluded 5-star resorts and beachfront property developments have recently sprung up in Lovina to cater for the growing number of tourists who are drawn to the area. The low cost of living in north Bali has played a major role in making Lovina an attractive prospect for international property investment.

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