Long Term Villa Rentals In Bali

Bali Island in Indonesia is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world with its gorgeous scenery, active volcano, ocean views and a huge variety of entertainment and recreation options. If you are looking to stay in Bali for awhile, you will find that there are a number of luxury villas that you can rent that also provide great accommodations.

Many of these long term rental villas have bedrooms that are air conditioned, have private gardens including tropical gardens, have large living and dining rooms, huge terraces and often your own private swimming pool. Additionally, the customer service is top notch with a personal butler, maids, spa therapists, gardeners, chefs and many other additional staff members to make sure you are pampered and have the full relaxing experience. Some villas even offer a personal driver that can take you to enjoy more of the Balinese culture, local restaurants or boutiques, at your leisure.

Additionally, many of these places to stay for long term in Bali are offered can accommodate to all budgets including villas and home stays in some of the most popular tourist friendly locations in Bali. You will be able to experience the true Bali life while renting a private villa. Whether it be a villa or home stay in one of the most popular areas for tourism, you can find that Bali is an amazing, luxurious atmosphere with lots of entertainment and recreation to keep you occupied or you can just enjoy the life of a soaking up the Balinese sunshine.

When renting a private villa, you will actually save money on your vacation as compared to staying at ahotel. There are no other hidden tax or service charges. This will definitely give you some extra spending cash and offer you a more comfortable and relaxing vacation in Bali. The busiest periods of time to visit Bali are in the travel periods of mid-July to September. Also, the time frame surrounding the Christmas New Year and Easter holidays are also busy and even includes the Lunar New Year (late January or early February. During this time period, many villa owners require a minimum rental time frame of at least one or two weeks. Keep in mind when you visit Bali during these peak seasons, the roads will be busy so you may want your villa closest to the area in which you plan to spend most of your time, whether it be near the mountains, lakes or the beach. This can save you hours of time spent in the car waiting on traffic. So definitely plan ahead on your ideal location to stay.

Another way to enjoy a stay in Bali is to have a tour package customized so you can experience the full Balinese tropical experience. These tour packages ensure that you see all the sights and attractions Bali has to offer including the rich culture and wonders of beauty from cloud sweeping volcanoes to prosperous rice fields where the beaches are made of snow white sands or gorgeous rich black sands.

Numerous shrines and temples also dot the Bali landscape and all of these are incorporated in one of the most visited travel destinations in Indonesia.

Even though people often visit the beautiful area from all across the globe, Bali still holds true to preserving the Balinese culture. Many of these cultural events that encompass the traditional Hindu religion, there are numerous ceremonies, dances, arts and festivals that are part of the Bali culture. With all of these options that Bali has to offer, you may never want to leave the luxuries, full service, friendly folks and the hide aways tucked away on the mountain cliffs overlooking the sea. You may even consider splitting your time, spending some time on the more developed southern side of the island or revert back to the relaxation of the calm north side. No matter what the budget, Bali boasts some of the best in luxury hotels, home stays and villas.