Living in Indonesia

If you are about to go to Indonesia, then you will be probably amazed to see how much your money can do. It is known that the cost of life in Indonesia is quite low, especially for foreigners and Westerners, who live there and are paid in Euros, dollars or Pounds.

Many expats in Indonesia tend to rent small houses or apartments, whose price is very reasonable. In fact, it is estimated that the average price of an 80m2 apartment in Indonesia is 8 times lower than the average price in a cheap American State. If you combine that with the relatively low cost of local markets and restaurants, you will understand why so many Western expats live a very comfortable life there and why they are able to travel a lot within the country and its beautiful islands.

The purchasing power of an expat in Indonesia is quite high, especially in comparison with his country of origin. Most Western expats make a more than great living; the quality of life is higher than back home, simply because their money allows them to enjoy their habits and hobbies more. If you consider that in those countries, working times are not that high as in the US, you will figure out why people can do more in their spare time. The same salary in Indonesia will allow expats a way of life that was not possible home – how many people can afford flying to Bali or other islands for a couple of days, just to relax?

If you are relocating to Indonesia, you will find yourself up against many tasks and numerous challenges, at the beginning, mostly related to the fact that you will be staying in a completely different environment, in a new and different culture; Indonesia is, though, a very hospitable place, with warm and friendly people. You will also find numerous foreigners there, as Indonesia is a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures. Many companies exist there, ranging from offshore pharmacies to pc manufacturers.