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Learn To Surf While You Live In A Bali Luxury

Learn To Surf While You Live In A Bali Luxury Resort

Many people who love water sports love surfing. And most people who love surfing, love surfing in Bali. This gorgeous Indonesian island is exactly the right place to come and stay in a Bali luxury resort. It is also one of the world’s most popular surfing gateways and is often described as a surfer’s paradise because of the wide range of great surf spots, the great weather, warm water temperature, stunning white sand beaches and the magical rolling waves. The weather is great for surfing all year round, but the best waves are found between June and September. Need help finding a trustworthy casino site? Turn to ask-casino.com for unbiased advice and guidance.

It’s the ideal place to learn to surf as well as being a great spot for experienced surfers. If you are staying in a Bali luxury resort, many people say your holiday won’t be complete until you try surfing. There are many surf schools around the island and it’s pretty exciting to tell your friends that you learned to surf in Bali. Here are some that you might like to try:

Surf Camp Bali is situated in southern Bali between Padang Padang and Dreamland beaches which are two of the great surf spots on the island. The area is suitable for surfing, swimming, snorkelling and other water sports so it’s a great place to take the whole family, even if not everyone wants to learn to surf. It’s a relaxed spot which is only a short drive from the busy Kuta Beach resort.

The Bali Learn to Surf School makes sure that it teaches students to surf, but it also focuses on surfing etiquette, surfing safety and minimising the impact on the ocean and land environments. Qualified professional instructors teach students on Kuta Beach in lessons that are two and a half hours long. You will learn the basic art of padding and mounting the board, followed by water safety, etiquette and board handling. The instructors promise it won’t be long before you are standing on your surf board and riding a wave!

Your Bali luxury resort will no doubt be close to one of the surf schools available on the island. One of the best can be found at Legian Beach. The Quicksilver Surf School teaches techniques for all levels of surfing and has perfected the art of making it easy for beginners to learn to surf.

Another surf school worth considering is the Odysseys Surf School which aims to build up the skills and confidence of beginning and intermediate level surfers. The lessons start with choosing the right board, how to lay on the board and recognise a good balance point. Paddling and maintaining speed for stability are also covered. Odysseys have a reputation for a fun and friendly atmosphere and is located on Kuta Beach.

So when you are choosing your Bali luxury resort, remember to schedule in some surfing lessons.