Latest Framework – Information About the Latest Framework For JAVA

Latest Framework – Information About the Latest Framework For JAVA Application

There are a number of different frameworks available to support the workings of web applications, websites, and web services. A couple of frameworks supporting JAVA Application is also easily available, however, deciding on which ones truly stand out and excel can be a difficult choice at times. Some of the latest framework for JAVA Application includes the following options:

Java Server Faces – Popularly referred to as JSF, this is one of the most used and extremely well known web frameworks. It makes development easier because the developer doesn’t need to bother about HTML and JavaScript coding. This framework offers a component-centric approach to facilitate development of Java Web user interfaces.

GWT – This particular framework from Google is based on widgets and is an open source Java software that helps developers create AJAX applications such as Google Maps and Gmail easily. The developer need not bother about writing complex dynamic web applications, since GWT compiler easily converts JAVA classes to web browser compliant JavaScript.

Stripes – One of the main features of Stripes as a Java web framework is that it requires no configuration. This powerful framework is simple to use though it offers a host of solutions to a number of common issues. It is one of the most compact Java frameworks that are easy to follow and reduces complex programming hassles.

Spring MVC – Spring MVC is web framework software created by Spring Framework and it is based on MVC architecture. The highlight of this software is that it can easily blend in with a host of other well-known web frameworks such as WebWorks, Struts, Java Server Faces and Tapestry.

Struts 2 – Created by Apache, Struts2 is also based on MVC architecture and it is one of the ideal frameworks for making enterprise-ready java web applications. This framework effectively streamlines the complete process starting from the development to the deployment stage

All above platforms are provide different tools which makes easier for every java developers to build custom java application