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Las Palma Holidays – An Exotic Vacation Haven

Capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palma de Gran Canaria is an attractive holiday destination enriched with culture and heritage. Form historical sites, rich architecture to exotic beaches, Las Palma has lots of imposing activities to offer for an incredible holiday.

Below are some of the things to do and see when holidaying in Las Palma:

Pueblo Canario

Designed and structured by Nestor and Miguel Fernandez de la Tore in the year 1930, this tourist attraction is a canary village formed by island houses, turrets, atriums and gates. Tourists and visitors on a holiday in Las Palma can shop for arts and crafts in the large square situated at the centre of the village. The centre square is also famous for being a venue for shows on the island’s folklore.

Parque Santa Catalina

Popular as a park and a town square, this tourist attraction is an amazing beauty of Las Palma. Those holidaying in Las Palma must visit this square which presents superb nightlife with discos, bars and clubs as it gets dark. The same site is completely different during the day time with most of the activities being a centre for shopping, cafes, a place for people to sit, relax and play chess, cards, and dominos or simply have a relaxation time with friends. On the other side of the square stands another tourist attraction, the museum of science and technology.


Situated close to Agaete, this tourist attraction displays a variety of reptiles and crawlies. The major attraction of this park is the largest lizard, Komodo dragon. Other such remarkable attractions offered in this park are tortoises, snakes, monkeys, spiders and turtles.


Tourists and visitors looking forward to some beach time during their holiday in Las Palma should not miss the Alcaravanera and Las Canteras beaches. Known as a major tourist attraction, Playa de Las Canteras is a 3 kilometer long beautiful beach that attracts sports lovers and swimmers alike holidaying in Las Palma. The best way to relax when on a holiday in Las Palma is to take a stroll along the beach and enjoy its cafes, restaurants, snack bars and shops. You can also find impressive street entertainers. Playa de las Alcaravaneras is the second longest beach as well as a sandy tourist attraction of Las Palma. The beach is the pride of the local people and attracts many tourists and visitors holidaying in Las Palma. You can take a stroll on the beach, drink the local beer called Cana de Tropical and enjoy the local cuisines.


When on a holiday in Las Palma do not miss its most important town festival. The Las Palm Carnival is a yearly tourist attraction that is held during the month of February and presents a glimpse of the amazing tradition and culture of the Canary Islands.

Best time to holiday in Las Palma

This canary island is cooler as compared to other islands in Gran Canaria. The ideal time for a holiday in Las Palma depends upon the purpose of holiday. The summer temperature varies from 26 ºC to 28 ºC or more, the winters in Las Palma are somewhere between 22 ºC and 24 ºC.

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