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Lack of Birth Control Use Among Young People in Indonesia

Lack of Birth Control Use Among Young People in Indonesia

“I hate condoms, it feels weird.” “I’m embarrassed going to gynecologist because I’m not married yet.” These are common excuses of young people in Indonesia to have unprotected sex. Regardless the fact that sex issue among unmarried young people here is still considered taboo, those who decide to have sex in young age should think about taking at least one form of birth controls to protect them from unwanted pregnancy or STDs.

There are various forms of birth control; birth control pills, condom, implant, IUD and so forth. Condom and birth control pills are probably the most popular form of birth control that is used by millions of young people all over the world. Unfortunately, Indonesia is a very religious and traditional country in where sex outside marriage is viewed as breaking the religious and cultural value. Pros and cons about teaching sex education in schools has been hot topic in this country. As a result, young people here are not supported with enough sexual knowledge that later lead them into unplanned pregnancy, STDs as well depression. For instance, the young males do not know the importance of using condoms, how to put them correctly so they will not break, the danger of withdrawal method, how the male and female reproduction work, what to do after having unprotected sex which is getting the emergency contraception or more known as the Morning After Pill immediately and so forth.

Whereas the young females are more likely to let the males decide how they will have sex, leave it to their boyfriends whether they want to put condoms or not since they also think withdrawal method or counting the days of menstrual cycle will be safe, but they are not. Myth around the danger of taking birth control pills has been fairly hot topic too among these young females. The pills will actually benefit them in many ways besides preventing pregnancy, such as improving acne, reducing cramp during period, regulate irregular period, decrease death risk from all cancers (abcnews.go.com) and so forth.

Prescription is not needed to get the pills. You can just go to the chemist and get it. But remember to read the instruction carefully. Seeing a gynecologist is also recommended to decide which birth control will work best for you. However, if you are embarrassed because you are not married yet, just go to the chemist and ask them which pills brand might suit you the best and they should know. As long as you follow the instruction you should be fine. Also it is better to get one that you can afford, because the price are various from cheap to very expensive. But bear in mind that pills cannot protect you against STDs, so it is always better to back them up with condoms if you are reasonably certain you or you partner might have one.

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