JVM Involved in Blue Ray DVD Players

The term blue ray is a name given for the color of the laser that is used and the optical ray that is used. The blue ray disc helps in storing large quantities of files, that it is approximately has the capacity to store and act five times better than the standard one. JVM is the term which refers to Java Virtual Machine. This is computer software which helps in executing the computer programs and the scripts. This helps in the execution of the high definition video and audio as well as photos and other digital content. The Java Virtual Machines use Java byte code for its operation.

The interactivity standards can be achieved by the association of the blue ray players with that of the Java. This helps to let the same program run a wide variety of computer systems. The developers who have different foundations will be benefited by this. For the DVD players using Java Virtual Machine need not worry about the chip or operation system in each layer. Initially Java was considered as a technology of consumer electronic devices. Later it is used for running software on servers and on mobile phones. Java byte code is executed for those DVD players provided with the Java Virtual Machine.

The HD DVD which is the next generation of the blue ray DVD players, which competes with this type so that this proves that the Java Virtual Machine in blue ray DVD is not a complete victory. The DVD updates over the network is enabled by the inclusion of the Java software environment. The inclusion of the Java software environment was introduced in 2005. As a contrast to the method used in the DVD video discs, the inclusion of the JVM helps in the implementation of the interactive menus on blue ray discs.

The inclusion of the Java Virtual Machine helps in allowing the updates through the internet. The Globally Executable Program which refers to GEM is the world wide accepted version. The Java used in the blue ray DVD is of this version and it is of BD-J which refers to the subset of the Globally Executable Program which is a multi media platform.

The interactivity provided by Java helps in the success of the new generation of home entertainment. The dynamic menu systems are more due to the inclusion of Java. This helps in the download of the additional content such as subtitles from the internet, the current movie previews could be viewed. The synchronization to the specific frames in the movie can be accurately mad by the classes provided by Java. The provision of Java includes support for storage. The two types of storage are mandatory system storage and another one is optional local storage. The commonly used storage in the blue ray DVD players is the system storage. The control menu, interactive features, network service and the games can be operated by Java.

The capacity to hold the play back for about large quantities of high definition video and audio, as well as photos and many other digital contents could be hold by the inclusion of JVM with that of blue ray DVD players.

Thus, the inclusion of the Java Virtual Machine with that of the blue ray is the great competition of the next generation innovations. Many requests can also be answered from the internet and this is possible only by the addition of the JVM with that of the players.

The connectivity of the DVD player with that of the internet helps in automatic updates and thus the new contents are also added.