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Javascript Error – Different Types of Javascript Errors and How

Javascript Error – Different Types of Javascript Errors and How to Fix Them

Getting JavaScript error messages while surfing the web can be annoying because you experience freezes and crashes which cause disturbances to your peaceful web surfing. So why do we get errors in the first place? JavaScript is what makes up a website so when we get JavaScript errors it maybe a problem with the JavaScript codes in a certain web page.

So there are two types of JavaScript errors that you have to be familiar with:

o Syntax error- means there is a typo or perhaps a character missing in the code which is why the error occurred. This error appears while the page is loading

o Runtime error- this occurs when a specified object is not found or when the script is not able to complete the instructions. This error appears when the affected code is running.The error message appears in the form of a small icon which you can click to further check the error message. So how do you fix the JavaScript error?

1. The problem maybe with your browser because different browsers also react differently with each website that you visit so try switching to a different internet browser.

2. If that does not work check if the Java installation is working by visiting the java website java.com to do the test. Look for the dancing duke. If you are able to see it then it is working fine.

3. If you did not see the dancing duke that means that the Java installation is not working. For Internet Explorer users, enable your Java by going to Tools, Internet Options, go to the Security tab, click Custom Level and look for the Scripting of Java applets, click enable and then click OK. For Firefox users, you can enable Java by also going to Tools, Options, the Content tab and then check Enable Java.

4. Getting the latest updated version may also solve the error messages.

5. Also try to clear the temporary files or delete the cookies. You can do this in Internet Explorer by going to Tools, Internet Options, on the General tab, you will see the Delete Files and Delete Cookies. For Firefox users, go to Tools and Clear Private Data.

6. The last solution would be to uninstall Java and then install it again.

So these are the steps that you can do to fix and take care of those errors. Actually the JavaScript errors are also helpful in some way that it shows you that something maybe also wrong with the website. Though sometimes annoying it can also be a little helpful in some way.