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Java Technical Interview: Tip and Tricks

A technical interview is the most crucial round out of the whole recruitment process. Although there are many other rounds before the interview like a written test and a group discussion in some cases, the interview is the most feared one. And why shouldn’t it be, after all the feeling that the fate of your career lies in the hands of a single individual sitting on the other side of the table can freak anybody out. So in order to have better chances in your interview, it is recommended that you exploit all the resources made available to you in the right fashion.

A technical interview in most of the cases is not aimed to test the advance knowledge of the candidate, it is aimed to test the basics and how clear are the candidate’s concepts. The interviewer tries his/her best to corner the candidate with tricky questions expecting a smart answer. What you should keep in mind that the interviewer is not deliberately trying to reject you, he/she just wants to know whether you fit the work profile or not. The whole process is based on one simple fact that a candidate with clear concepts is easy to train and is easy to work with.

The questions can belong to any topic like software engineering, operating systems, database management etc. But you surely would be facing a lot of questions pertaining to the java language. In the recent times the most sought after candidates are those having a good knowledge about the java language. A java technical interview would test your basics and would also test whether you are able to apply your theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. A good theoretical knowledge is desired but a decent practical knowledge can work wonders for you during your java technical interview.

A java technical interview can be broken down in two sets of questions. Core java questions and advanced java questions. Core java questions are a set of questions related to the language constructs, java keywords, concept of classes, inheritance packages etc. whereas advanced java questions are all about server side programming.

One can find a number of online web portals which help you to improve you java skills by publishing a series of java skill tests. These skill tests are designed by industry and java experts and thus can give a good picture of the technical interview. On such portals you can find numerous sets of advanced and core java questions and answers.

Some of the core java questions look like;1. Can a class can be declared protected?2. Can Inner class can be a final class?

Advanced java questions on the other hand can include, java j2ee interview questions, java spring interview questions, JavaScript interview questions etc.

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