Java Green Tea Capsules For Fast Weight Loss

The Indonesian island of Java is famous for its towering volcanoes, green fertile valleys and for its tea. Java’s volcanic soil is rich with minerals and the high rainfall and cool climate combine to make perfect growing conditions for tea. Tea gardens adorn the green slopes of the highlands in the west of the island and the tea grown here is of a consistently high quality. The clean air, the simple processing of the tea and the methods of growing and harvesting ensure that the tea retains both its flavour and its goodness.

Scientific research has revealed that green tea has several health benefits, and so growers are particularly careful to ensure that their tea remains as pure and natural as possible. The high antioxidant and phenol levels in Java green tea are said to help prevent heart disease, ward off some types of cancer and help skin that has been damaged by the sun.

In addition to these health benefits, Java green tea is widely valued as an aid to weight loss. unfermented tea, unlike the black fermented variety is called ‘green’ and speeds up the body’s metabolism so that it uses more energy for faster weight loss, and helps prevent absorption of fat.

When scientists realised the many benefits associated with the consumption of Java tea, they went on to develop Java green tea capsules. The capsules capture the concentrated goodness of Java green leaf tea in a form that is easy and convenient to take. Many people recognise the benefits of green tea but do not want to change their drinking habits from black tea or coffee. Java green leaf tea capsules are ideally suited to them, enabling them to adopt green tea as part of their diet, without having to change their habits.