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Java Fit Review – A Business and Opportunity Review

Java Fit (Pro) is a multilevel marketing business opportunity based in the coffee sales industry. The mission of Java Fit is to “To enhance our affiliates and customers well being by delivering great tasting products that provides real financial and personal wellness benefits.”

Java Fit also known as java fit pro, is a multilevel marketing business opportunity based in the sales of one product, you got it…coffee! The actual product itself comes not only in an assortment of flavors, but in healthy nutritional aspects as well. The supplemental ingredients cover an individuals well being from diet, immune system and focus. Each product comes through either single pouches or the usual 8 or 16 oz. bags.

The cost to start this business opportunity will be as low as $30 and will provide a replicated site from which individuals can order products and or, join with you in the opportunity. Marketing online will be a necessary part of your success with JFP, but there are many rules and guidelines that will have to be followed and each site will have to be approved by the company itself. There is no real training or support as far as marketing is considered with this business, just simply a few tools offered to get you on your way. Tools however, like a replicated site, by no means guarantees traffic, this will have to be worked for on a daily basis.

The compensation plan is simple in the fact that it is based upon retail sales of the product alone. This is a multilevel marketing opportunity as well and this is where the compensation plan does become typical of the MLM industry. The company stated there is no personal volume or PV involved, but the actual words are used all the same. Through this commission structure it will be based upon your downline as a whole and the sales they procure in a certain period of time to qualify for these additional bonus levels.

Java Fit (pro) is a legitimate opportunity with a tasty product that many individuals consume daily and the fact that it is good for you is an added bonus. This will involve network marketing more offline than online due to the fact of the restrictions with the company through its own rules and regulations. So be prepared to bring this to your warm market (i.e. friends and family). This is by no means a get rich quick scheme and you will not find that anywhere on the site itself which I have to say was very refreshing. JFP is a real opportunity that could make a simple income given time and solid effort.

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