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J2EE Consultancy: Why Is It Needed?

Since Java/J2EE is one of the most widely used language for web application development, J2EE consultancy has gained tremendous momentum in the industry. There are a large number of reputed J2EE consulting firms across the world that take up both short-term as well as long-term J2EE consultancy projects, entailing expertise across different aspects of Java.

These Java Consulting firms possess teams of skilled and experienced J2EE consultants, who enable clients like you to remove the barriers pertaining to technology, make the choice of technology you wish to use and boost up your system’s performance.

J2EE consultancy is required in areas like software architecture design, J22 app evaluation, code refactoring, QA, migration to J2EE platform, software integration etc. The Java consultants are accomplished professionals with hands-on experience in software architectural assessment, requirement analysis, project planning, database designing, J2EE application development, object-oriented programming etc. Trusted Java consulting firms most often employ only those J2EE consultants who hold degrees from the premier institutes of the country and relevant certificates from Sun, IBM etc. These Java consultants are result-oriented and have great error-handling skills within the specified time lines.

India, the most chosen outsourcing destination, has a good percentage of J2EE consultancy firms. Some firms here have a proven track record of delivering “out-of -the-box” Java consulting services by virtue o their seasoned Java consultants with exhaustive knowledge of middle-tier J2EE technologies and strong hold of relational databases. Also, these professionals are well acquainted with J2EE as development framework.

Most clients put forward their selection criteria of J2EE consultants. Some prefer to get these consultants work on-site at the client’s site in close proximity with the development team and streamline the varied process of the SDLC for better results. This might entail installing some latest software on varied systems; monitor recordings during load testing; conduct deep architectural and code analysis of the development environment at the client’s site; do an extensive knowledge transfer with the in-house developers; fine tune J2EE applications etc.

Java consultancy facilitates the clients in planning, developing, testing and deploying J2EE solutions. These solutions can lend the clients a good dose of strategic business advantage. It’s a perfect solution if you want your J2EE-based apps to be up and running quickly lessen your risk quotient to the minimum by using latest practices, tools, technologies and exhaustive experience. This, in turn, would lead to gearing up your time to market your solutions.