Indonesian Coffee – Many Wonderful Coffees But One Name Stands

Indonesian Coffee – Many Wonderful Coffees But One Name Stands Out

By choosing an Indonesian Coffee you are guaranteed a wonderfully exotic cup of coffee, Kopi luak comes from Indonesia and I think that is about an exotic as you can get when it comes to coffee. Coffee produced in Indonesia is renowned for producing exceptionally rich and aromatic coffee, they have earthy tones and are low in acidity.

Regarded as one of the most exceptional coffee of all the Indonesian coffee is that of the Kapal Api. A coffee with a unrivaled flavor and aromas, The very name Kapal Api means “steam ship” which at the time was seen as a status symbol and imparted as association of high quality. The Kapal Api brand has grown for many generations to what it is now, a world renowned brand.

The brand was started in 1927 by PT Santos Jaya Abadi, with humble beginnings as a small home based business in the suburbs of Surabaya, since then is has grown and evolved to a point in the 1970’s the coffee processing plant was modernized with state of the art equipment , this has allowed for increased production allowing the company to branch and begin to process green coffee beans from all over East Java. By the 1980’s The brand had become world famous and to this day it is renowned for producing an exotic and unique coffee.

There are now many verities of the Kapil Api brand available. Kapal Api special is probably the most popular of all these verities and this offers the purest tasting Indonesian coffee that you can find. This is powerful full bodied coffee with strong heart aromas but still holds on to it’s mellow, earthy tones which make the Kapal APi special brand live up to the name it has worked hard to build up over the last 80 years.

There’s also Kapal Api Special Mix, which contains all of the same traits but comes mixed with sugar the resulting strong coffee now has a sweet edge and the mocha lovers among they also produce a Kapal Api mocha which as adds just a hint of chocolate to the already wonderful taste and aroma.

The Kapil Api brand has become synonymous not just with Indonesian coffee but also with one of the highest quality coffee’s available In recent years the Kapal Api brand has grown considerably and now includes many other wonderful brands such as Good Day Kapten, ABC, Ya and Excelso, but The Kapil APi brand remains the corner stone of the company and is sure to be around for some years to come.