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Indonesia Visa Requirements – Indonesia Travel Requirements

Indonesia visa and kitas:

Indonesia requires an Indonesia visa to travel the exotic Indonesia lands. You can get the visa at your Indonesia embassy in your country or there is a visa on arrival option. Indonesia has several different Indonesia visa to fit your stay. Kitas are different they are for those staying longer than 60 days and is usually initiated by an Indonesian citizen or company. Recently, a retirement kitas has been added.

Indonesia Visa on Arrival:

Indonesia visa on arrival is for the indonesia tourist planning to stay less than 30 days, the visa on arrival it is non extendable and expires when you leave the country.

o visa on arrival can be purchased at Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru, Manado, Biak, Ambon, Balikpapan, Pontianak, Kupang, Batam, and South Sumatra airports.

o Visa on arrival is also available at a limited number of seaports, including the Batam and Bintan ferry terminals near Singapore

o visa on arrival allows travel to different islands in Indonesia

o There are four regions in Indonesia that the foreign national is not allowed to visit without special written permission and approval; Maluku, Poso, and Irian Jaya/West Papua.

To enter the restricted regions one must obtain special authorization from Indonesian authorities and advise the Embassy/ Consulate Generals about the intention to visit restricted regions.


o The passport must have at least 6 months before expiring

o Show that you have arrangement to leave country like return ticket or continuing trip

o Indonesian visas require an entirely blank passport page where they stamp the visa.


o 10.00 USD for 7 days and 25.00 USD for 30 days

If you go over your time it’s a 20.00 fee per day up to 29 days.

62 countries and 1 region can apply for visa on arrival.

Argentina, Fiji, Libya Romania, USA, Australia, Finland, Lithiuania, Russia, Algeria, France, Luxenbourg, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Germany, Maldives, Slovac Republic, Belgium, Greece, Malta, Slovenia, Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Spain, Bulgaria, India, Monaco, South Africa, Czech, Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, Cambodia, Iran, Netherlands, Suriname, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Cyprus, Italy, Oman, Switzerland, China, Japan, Panama, Taiwan, Denmark, Kuwait, Poland, Tunisia, Estonia, Laos, Portugal, UAE, Egypt, Latvia, Qatar, UK

I have two tips for the Indonesia visa on arrival

1. After they stamp your passport they will give a form leave it with the passport don’t loose it or when you leave you will have to pay 20.00 USD fine in Indonesian Rupiah if you don’t have any Rupiahs you must go to ATM.

2. If you have someone picking you up at the airport tell them the line for the visa on arrival can be 5- 40 minutes depending on how many Indonesia travelers.