Indonesia Tsunami Warning System – What is Being Done?

Nobody in the present period will forget the 200,000 victims of the Indonesia Tsunami, which was caused by the Sumatra Earthquake on Christmas Eve. But what is being done in the region now while it is still seismic active with major Volcanoes and Earthquakes? The Pacific Rim of Fire needs warning system throughout, along with the Indian Ocean, there too is seismic activity in the Caribbean as well, thus, we should be considering systems here too.

Indeed, there are some good things that are being done right now to save lives so another 200,000 people do not perish next time there is a Tsunami or a large Earthquake, which triggers one. As the Japanese, Americans and several other nations are installing Tsunami Warning systems around the globe, time is important too, the more systems that are in place, the safer human civilizations close to the water can be and there are problems now with Volcanoes and some people will not evacuate as they believe that the Volcano represents a safe passage to the final journey in life? And Volcanoes are an environmental nightmare for humans and nature. Although some could say it is merely the cleansing of the Earth so it can start a new and part of the cycle?

There have been over the last two-years hundreds of large 4 plus Earthquakes and many over 6 and 7 also. The region is very seismically active and these Tsunami Alarms will help warn people of any impending Tsunami Wave to allow people lead time to evacuate the area near the ocean. Consider this in 2006.