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Indonesia Tribe Predicted the Giant Tsunami and Sumatra Quake

How can an indigenous Indian tribe predict and sense precursory Earthquake waves and know a Tsunami is coming and leave the day before for higher and safer ground? Fascinating questions indeed and perhaps worth exploring; in fact one online think tank is doing just that as one member recently stated;

“Did you see the Indonesian tribe, very isolated, which TOTALLY survived the tsunami of 2004, sensed it was eminent, and moved the entire tribe inland but REFUSES to discuss the matter except that they used “the old ways”?

Personally I have sensed Earthquakes before and known something is not right, only the day of the Earthquake did I then realize what it was I was sensing. In fact trains within 30 miles of me I can pick up the vibrational energy and frequency shift. I can feel Radars pointed at my vehicle when driving or when stationary and turned off. I can feel waves hit my vehicles when an aircraft flies over in still air in early mornings. I feel solar flares too and cell phones I can really feel when I am sitting in an open area or coffee shop and someone else 30 feet away makes a connecting call, whether their phone rings or not is irrelevant, even if they make the call I can feel it.

I think if other people were more in-tune so to speak they could feel it all too. But that is not to say it is a disruption and prevents you from normal life, because you can easily over ride it; nevertheless you can feel it clear and know exactly what it is when it happens. Additionally I believe most people can do this. So it would make sense to me and I would in fact expect this from a tribe living in the wild without any “frequency pollution” so to speak. Perhaps everyone can do this with a little practice and maybe much of mankind has forgotten more than we have ever learned? Consider all this in 2006.