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Indonesia Indigenous Indians – How Did They Know the Tsunami

Indonesia Indigenous Indians – How Did They Know the Tsunami Was Coming?

We have all heard the incredible tale of the 2004 Sumatra Quake and the Tsunami Wave, which followed and how one Indian tribe the night before left for higher ground. But how did they know of the future events that would unfold? Some say this is a modern mystery and thus it was brought up recently in an online think tank when one member stated;

We are not talking about feeling the earthquake and running up the hill here. Instinctual and no doubt highly developed methods of reading “signs” now invisible to our (over?) developed civilization were used, I am sure….observation of animal behavior, perhaps, etc.

Well it could be that they felt the Earthquake waves and had 10-hours to run up the hill to ditch the wrath of the Tsunami of course; Skeptic Thinking out loud here.

However, if we look at the documented abilities of the Shaman and their sweat houses and drugs they use; organic herbs I guess is a more polite way of putting it. They are said to see through time. Now then could this be that the sweathouses make the body bleed all its water down to an unhealthy level, the drugs turn off many parts of the conscious mind and then their bodies are all turned of in a state of lucid dreaming and near state of coma.

My thinking is this. If a Shaman can turn off all parts of the body and brain we know that the body would shut down the brain last. And the conscious mind is not needed, so another part of the mind which is never used consciously is suddenly all that is working? Now then, being an athletic type, runner, I have never used any drugs or even smoked a cigarette for that matter and do not drink alcohol mostly because all that is said to kill brain cells and well, I would rather have mine available to me; so then, I have no way to prove or disprove the drug use and the sweat houses but it could make sense.

So does the Tribal People of that Island have a Shaman Type leader who smokes grass and can turn off his mind and see through time? Or turn off time so to speak to have a look see? Because if the conscious mind is completely off, what else can the human mind do? Well, surely it seems to be a pretty remarkable piece of organic engineering and can do a lot more than we are using it for right? Perhaps if we want the truth to this modern mystery we must dive into the all the cultural aspects of the tribe and understand their ways and gifts. How did they know it was coming? Consider all this in 2006.