Indonesia – Discover The Unique Culture of Indonesia

Indonesian culture has shaped it’s ways throughout the generations between it’s original indigenous customs and traditions and the multiple influences of the foreign people. Indonesia played a very important role being the middle of trading routes between the Far East and that of the Middle East that had resulted many cultural and multitude of other religions and beliefs.

One of Indonesia’s amazing cultures is the country’s unique art-forms and that expresses mixed cultures. There are the Indonesian’s traditional puppet shows that is influenced mainly by the Hindus and Islam that among the villagers of Java. The western culture in the other hand has influenced Indonesia with modern entertainment features and techniques like the art of TV shows and movies together with their songs. Their political system was influenced mainly of the Western’s.

Though the Indonesians have been influenced by many foreign lads, the many remote places of the country still possess and reserve the country’s unique culture, rituals, customs and old traditions.

Indonesian music has been a very big part of the Indonesian community making it a very important role in every Indonesian lives. The dance together with their music has also been a big part of Indonesian civilization. There are lots of traditional dances that are being played and performed during special occasions in some public places.

Apart from their dance and music, the Indonesian’s drama and theatre are being performed in certain Indonesian occasions. Performances subjects with the country’s history. They actually perform folk stories and get to play each unique character that will give life to the performances.

Painting is also been well known for the Indonesians and that they are very artistic and detailed with colorful and traditional designs that are unique by the Indonesians. These paintings are used to be backgrounds of the theatre arts performances that give life to the show.

Here are the some of the traditional customs and traditions behind the Indonesian culture. Through the years, their culture has diverged and lots of styles and techniques are added that made their culture more colorful and lively. There are lots more to be revealed with the culture of Indonesia that is only be discovered when one is to relate himself with the Indonesians and get to know them personally. So visit this beautiful country any time and learn more about their vibrant culture and their way of living.