Increasing Demand For JAVA Developers in 2010

Job search engine can prove it. Yes, if you really want to know the rising demand for Java Programmers, then you should see the job results using any of the world’s most popular Job Search Engine. Looking at the job trends for various programming languages, Java Programmers around the world occupy the Top position. While all other programming languages have stayed fairly flat or declined in the Job Trends Chart for February 2010* Java managed to get an increasing demand curve since July 2005. The main reason for the increase in job requirements is that today Java is being used in every major industry segment for various computing platforms ranging from mobile phones, embedded devices, enterprise servers on the lower end side and super computers on the higher end. Though less used, Java applets help to have an improved functionality while browsing the internet.

Today, Java is being used in more than 4.5 billion devices including:- 2.1 billion Cellular phones and other hand held devices (Source: Ovum)- 850+ million personal computers – 3.5 billion Smart Card and various other instruments like Car Navigation Systems, Games, Web Cameras, Set Top Boxes, Printers, Paid Parking Systems, Medical and Health Care Equipments, Lottery Terminals and many more.

So, just go online and click on any of the leading Jobs Search Engine. You’ll see hundreds of thousands of job offerings in Java Script, Java, JSP, J2SE and J2ME from various companies ranging from small startups to famous fortune 500 companies across the globe. Today, Java can be easily called as the largest and the most actively used technology on the planet. It has been tested, extended and refined by more than any other technology used in all the 195 countries.

Analyzing the increasing demand for Java Programmers, various Universities, Technology Institutes and Online Tutorial Websites have introduced Java Tutorial Courses and churning out thousands of java programmers every year. People with flair knowledge in Java technologies surely has a promising career in 2010 and in also in the years or maybe even decades to come. So far, more than 6.5 million programmers have managed to find a suitable job in any of the Java technology driven companies found on the job search engine. Why not you? See it to believe it.