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Increase your Amazon CTR easily

Increase your Amazon CTR easily with this plugin

What make Adsense so great is because they give visitors a very targeted ads, an ads that closely related with the search query or blog content.

Do You Have an Amazon Site and Would Like to  Tripple Your Commission Earnings?

This set-and-forget plugin harness the same power of targeted ads for our Amazon affiliate blog and definitely will increase our CTR significantly:

The plugin will display exit-pop-up when visitor try to leave from our Amazon affiliate blog, and base on the keyword they are using, the plugin will search for the product directly from Amazon and offer it to them.

This is a genius method. From their search engine query, we know what products they are looking for. And in case they didn’t found it in our blog page, we help find it for them directly from Amazon, and offer it to them when they try to leave.

With this method, we help them to find what they are looking for, while at the same time we increase our CTR and commissions.

You can see the demo video >>> Increase your Amazon CTR easily

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