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Ida, the New Missing Link – This Changes Nothing!

This just in……Ida. The new missing link. It’s said that “This changes everything”. But how long has Ida actually be in human hands? Try over 25 years. What is stated to be a 47 million year old missing link was unveiled in New York City. It was dubbed “Ida”. It most certain Norwegian paleontologist Jorn Hurum of the University of Oslo Natural History Museum said that it is not really an anthropoid but still refers to Ida as coming from the period that’s called the Old World Monkeys. About the time that it is thought that humans split off from the gorillas and chimpanzees.

But we have heard this before. Eureka! We’ve found it. The true “missing link”In fact dozens of so-called “missing links” have turned into compete fakes. In 1922 a so-called scientist claimed to have found in Nebraska the true “missing link” between men and animals. Dubbed the “Nebraska Man,” it was flaunted in text-books and museums of the world as being one million years old. Pictures and models were created, based on the “scientific” studies of experts. Just three years later, in the famous “Monkey Trial” in Dayton, Tenn., in 1925, this overwhelming evidence was introduced to prove evolution. This is the same “evidence” that was used in the Scopes Monkey Trial, trying to force evolution as a fact of science in the public schools.

When evidence of the “Nebraska Man” was demanded, the “great scientific experts” reluctantly admitted that their evidence consisted of ONE (1) tooth! But that’s not all! After evolutionists and the mainstream media reporters bullied lowly Bible believers for years with their “scientific proof” the rest of that skeleton was found, and guess what? It was the skeleton of an extinct pig! Further field work on the site in 1925 revealed that the tooth was falsely identified. Other parts of the skeleton were also found. According to these newly discovered pieces, the tooth belonged neither to a man nor to an ape, but to an extinct genus of Peccary called Prosthennops and its identification as an ape was retracted in the journal Science in 1927. There are several others.

Ramapithecus: Once declared as the ancestor of humans. Today it is considered to be merely an extinct type of orangutan (an ape).

Eoanthropus (Piltdown man): This is a complete hoax, based on a human skull cap and an orangutan’s jaw. It was widely publicized as the missing link for 40 years when testing revealed it as part orangutan and part human. Finally in 1953 it was declared a hoax and the “missing link” was a forgery.

Australopithecus – there are various species of these that have been at times proclaimed as human ancestors. One remains: Australopithecus afarensis, popularly known as the fossil ‘Lucy’. However, detailed studies of the inner ear, skulls and bones have suggested that ‘Lucy’ and her like are not on the way to becoming human. For example, they may have walked more upright than most apes, but not in the human manner. Australopithecus afarensis is very similar to the pygmy chimpanzee.

Australopithecus africanus: This find was also touted as the missing link. Today it is considered to be very ape-like. One such Australopithecus africanus was the Taung Child, discovered by Raymond Dart, through some colleagues. It was thought to be a young child’s skull. was at Taung near Kimberley, South Africa in 1924, but Sir Arthur Keith, a fellow anatomist and anthropologist, suggested that the skull belonged to a young ape, most likely from an infant gorilla.

Now it is believed that they have discovered the “missing link” that will change everything. And the History Channel has produced a new show that boasts “The Link: This Changes Everything” But does it change anything or is it more of the same? Little is said about the fact that this fossil’s been around for awhile. Since 1983 it has been held privately. And the fossil has was split…and eventually the collector sold both parts and from separate plates. That’s not all. One of the parts was restored and “partly fabricated” so that it would look “more complete” (MSNBC.com 5/1909). Couldn’t this skew the carbon dating of the fossil? What was used to “fabricate” it? What was used in the process of it being restored? What are the elements that were added to it?

It’s proclaimed as the link that changes everything. But, Robert Bazell, [The Daily Nightly MSNBC.com 5/19/09] chief science correspondent, quoted the renowned paleontologist Tim White [University of California, Berkeley]. Dr. White said it will take years to determine if this is the “Mother of all Monkeys”[1.]. But if you take a look at the link [2.] you’ll find that they don’t really know yet. It will take years to examine it. Remember it took 40 years to uncover Eoanthropus (Piltdown man) as a fraud. I hope you will take the time to read the scientific paper on it, the scientists never make this claim!

Read for yourself the report on the link below. Parts of the report put it bluntly about Ida” Jenz L. Franzen, one of the scientists in the study, showed that some of the specimen is real, while substantial parts were faked to give an illusion of greater completeness. The report clearly says that “…parts of plate B were faked, including notably, hands and feet (where some proportions of constructions may have been based on reversed photos of A) and the tail vertebral column. Traces on the surrounding polyester resin background suggest that a cast of the tail of another mammal was inserted into plate B. Additional parts such as the vertebrae between sections 1 and 2 as well the nasal part of the skull on plate B were simply fabricated” [2.]. Instead of saying “this changes everything”, they should factually say, “these changes changed everything for the fossil”. And knowing the history of the many so-called “missing links”, and after reading the report, I would say “this changes nothing”!