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How to Visit the Koh Larn Island From Pattaya

If you would like to visit one of the Islands near Pattaya for the day while staying at one of our luxury villa’s you can do so with ease.

The closest Island to Pattaya is Koh Larn which is 15 minutes by private speedboat or under an hour away by public ferry. All the boats leave from Bali Hai Pier which is only a few minutes away from our Holiday Villa’s in South Pattaya.

The cost of hiring a Private Speedboat is around 2,000 Baht but this gives you the whole boat and captain for you and your friends or family and lets you not only decide what time you want to leave for the Island and what time you want to return to Pattaya but which beach you want the boat to take you to. After you get off the boat the captain will anchor the boat and wait for you to finish for the day and then he will return you to Bali Hai Pier where we will collect you and return you to your Pattaya vacation home.

The public ferry is very cheap at around 50 Baht and takes you to the main beach on Koh Larn where there are plenty of Jet-ski’s, banana boats, deckchairs and food vendors and people along with numerous hawkers trying to sell you sunglasses, ice-creams, carved ornaments, watches and T-shirts. If you would prefer to go to a quieter part of the Island there are Songtaews, which are converted Pick-up trucks with bench seating in the back, who will take you for a reasonable price to any of the beaches on the Island.

Some beaches are very quiet with only a small beach bar/restaurant and plenty of golden sandy beaches to relax on. All the beaches have deckchairs and sun-beds for hire with sun umbrellas to give you some shade if you need some time out of the sun. The water is crystal clear and you have lots of rocky outlets to use a snorkel and fins and to see the abundance of fish and other sea life, or you can just have a relaxing swim in the warm gulf of Thailand.

There are lots of places to get food and most of the time you remain seated on your deckchair and a member of staff from one of the nearby Restaurants will approach you with a menu to see if you would like to order any food or drink. Obviously many of the dishes served are prepared fresh from the sea, like BBQ prawns and fish or baked crab, there are however lots of alternative choices if you are not keen on seafood, including things like fried rice with chicken, sweet and sour pork, sandwiches and even French fries.

If you are traveling by public ferry you will have to get a Songtaew back to the main beach in plenty of time to catch the ferry back to Bali Hai Pier as there is no overnight accommodation on the Island. We will be waiting for you at the pier to drive you back to your holiday rental villa where you can relax before getting ready for a night out in Walking Street which is only 1400m from your vacation home in Pattaya.