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How To Make A Pecel – A Good Dish From

How To Make A Pecel – A Good Dish From Indonesia


* 150 gram Kangkoong* 150 gram long beans, cut 2cm* 150 gram spinach* 200 gram carrot* salt up to you* crackers

How to make the peanut sauce

* 250 gram peanut beans* 6 chili* 1 sendok the kencur cincang* 3 garlic* 3 orange leaves* 1 teaspoon asam jawa* 1/4 teaspoon terasi* 300 ml water* salt and sugar up to you

boiled all the vegetables

* Peanut sauce: fried all the ingredients of peanut sauce with 3 teaspoon.mix with the peanut and give some water mix again.

* Mix 200 grams of rice powder, 50 grams of corn starch, spices, 1 egg beaten, stir, pour 450 ml of water coconut milk while stirring into a smooth dough. Enter the 5 pieces of finely sliced lime leaves, and 200 grams of beans.

* Pour 1 tablespoon vegetable oil at the edge of the pan. Let harden, remove the pan with a spoon, take it to the middle, cooking over low heat while turned upside down to dry brown. Remove and drain.

Now you can try it by yourself because it very easy to make. You don’t have to become some chef to make this, it’s only frying, boiling, and then mixing. it’s very easy now you have to try it, but there is some goods that you have to find in rare shop such as in china town or something, because the plant or the good only can grow in tropical area.

I share this recipe because maybe my tongue and my desire has a same taste like you are.

Thanks a lot