How to Fix JavaScript Error Messages

Sometimes, we get JavaScript errors when surfing the internet. We even wonder why this error messages appears. A script in the webpage contains an error or fails to execute incorrectly is the best description for that. We should consider the browser we are using and the specific error appeared on the screen.

The error message is a small icon appears in the status bar of your screen; just double click on the icon to check the error message. You can also choose to automatically have the error message appear on your window. It can be worrisome for internet surfers but writing down the JavaScript is very useful. For the error message will let you know the exact code and where in the HTML document has a problem.

If you are browsing and an error message appears. You may contact the webmaster and let them know. If you like to know more about the error message, then keep reading.

There are two types of JavaScript errors. These are syntax error and runtime error. Syntax error, from the word itself means a typo error or there is a missing character. It also occurs when the code is written incorrectly. Runtime error happens when a specified object cannot be found. The other reason is when the script is unable to complete its instructions. Syntax error messages appear as the page loads, even of the error in inside the function while Runtime error messages appear when the affected code runs.

To Fix JavaScript error messages in a couple of minutes, here’s how: Run a Java test, to see if the Java installation is working. Just visit to do the test and look for the dancing duke. If you can see it, it’s working fine. If not, then complete the following tasks.

Enable the JavaScript through your browser. If you have Internet Explorer, just go to Tools, Internet Options, and Advanced, click the box next to Java, Security Tab, Custom Level, Scripting of Java applets, click “enable” then “OK”.

You may also download it through and click downloads. Updating the latest version may resolve the error messages on your screen.

Clearing the temporary Internet cache may help as well. Go to the tools section of your browser, and delete cookies, temporary files and browser history. You may simply mark the box in front of this word and click “Delete” or you can click “Clear My Private History”.

Our last resort, Uninstall and install Java. Those error messages may seem annoying at first, however; learn to love them. JavaScript error messages are very helpful to test for any error messages crept in.