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How Do You Integrate Flash, DHML Menus or Java Script

How Do You Integrate Flash, DHML Menus or Java Script Into a CMS Template?

If you are using Joomla compatibility issues often arise. This is especially true of the Rocket Theme templates that use the Gantry framework. These kind of templates should be avoided if possible as they are flawed with bugs and are very hard to work with. Even regular image galleries sometimes won’t work with these kinds of templates. The best way to integrated multimedia, flash and Java scripts elements to your template is simply to put it on top of the template right after the body tags. This is usually the simplest way but then again, in some cases. For example if you are using a suckerfish or DHTML drop down, sometimes the drop down will interact with the elements below it and either one OR the other will work or worse BOTH won’t even work at all. This is usually not a problem with free Joomla templates downloads as they are usually more simple than complex expensive Joomla templates.

If you must use flash, DHTML or any kind of multimedia on the website creating a custom module using Jumi or using a plug in like sorcerer usually does the trick but not always. If possible try to not have multimedia overlap each other, even using Z-index with CSS rarely solves the issue. The best way is to keep them way apart from each other. If you must use Flash or multimedia on the site, put maybe a module in the header position and one in the footer position, this will usually give you about 800 pixels of height on average to avoid overlapping.

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