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How Did the Term "Cup of Joe" Come About? And

How Did the Term "Cup of Joe" Come About? And Other Fun Coffee Facts

It is so interesting to take for granted your cup of coffee that gets you through the day, but it’s even more interesting to understand where exactly it came from and how it acquired all of its pseudonyms that make it the most popular drink in America today!

Firstly, the term “Cup of Joe” is used for Java drinking all throughout the nation, and it originally was started in World War II, when the American military, also named the G.I. Joes, were the big coffee drinkers in the nation. This is exactly how the term “Cup of Joe” came to be since it was named directly after the G.I. Joe men of the Army that constantly were downing this notable drink. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that Java rose in popularity, though it mainly became more circulated in the US during this time period. The very first coffee shop was said to have been in Italy in 1683, which was a wonderful place for socialization and business moves, sound familiar? Java had been popular in Europe since the early 1600s, but it was mostly drank by the upper class, so the development of a coffee house was a bold move in bringing Java to all the class systems be enjoyed throughout Italy.

And how does that Java come to be in your cup of Joe? The tree itself that grows the delightful beans that make our brew take five years to peak in their maturity, and one tree will yield a harvest that is equal to 1 pound of roasted coffee. Meaning, if you are buying a bag of freshly roasted Java to take home with you, then you can count on the fact that it was harvested from a single tree. There are many different species of Java trees, but there are only two that are harvested for commercial use, which are Arabica and Robusta. Due to the popularity of Java, it is actually the second hottest commodity in the entire world for trade, import, and export, only secondary to oil. The worldwide production of Java is more than 6 million tons, which makes sense when you see the line that wraps around Starbucks every morning.

And speaking of which, those Java addicts that wait in the drive through at Starbucks have an estimated wait time of 45 hours per year! That is astonishing! Java consumption is a huge deal in the US, and when you add up the amount of money that the average drinker will spend purchasing a cup of Joe to take to work with them every morning, you could purchase a round trip plane ticket across the coast of the US with that same money.

So what is a Java lover to do? Consider investing in a premium espresso machine that will hone in on your expert barista skills and make it easier to enjoy a cup of Joe within your own home. With the cost you save in your daily Starbucks run, you will be able to afford a premium model!