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Handmade Wall Art Can Be Unique Treasures For Your Home

Handmade Wall Art Can Be Unique Treasures For Your Home

If you are thinking of a way to redecorate your living space, but you are not satisfied with what is available in your local shops or malls, or if you are simply running out of ideas on how to give your house a “makeover” or a “face-lift”, then we may just have the answer to your needs. Handmade wall arts or decorations are experiencing a revival of sorts in recent years and may just be what you need to update the look and feel of your precious abode.

These works of art usually come from exotic places in Africa and South Asia, where rural communities are taught and trained to acquire the skills needed to produce these unique products and items. Natives from these rural communities, who have learned the craft and the art, have passed on the knowledge and the skill from generation to generation to produce these amazing wall decorations from their bare hands without the help and assistance of machines and equipment. These decorative works of art include both tapestries and batiks handmade and handcrafted from all natural materials.

Batik is an art form that makes use of wax or a flour and paste substance to create outlines of designs and patterns, which are dyed with many different bold and vibrant colors. Only the very best quality fabrics, textiles and vegetable dyes are used together with a variety of threads made of cotton and silk to enhance the look and the texture of the artwork. Sometimes these wall decorations are even embellished with beads, mirrors, shells and coins to make them even more beautiful and unique. This ensures that if you decide to buy them and display them in your house, you will be the only person who has such a piece and no one else will have the same item.

Handmade tapestries, on the other hand, are made up of different kinds of threads woven by hand (sometimes with the help and assistance of a loom) using a specific kind of technique that gives it a distinct quality and personality. This specific type of handmade wall art has been around since ancient times and was commonly used by clergymen, royalty, noblemen and aristocrats during the middle ages. Unlike ordinary pictures and painting, this art form is three-dimensional and has characteristics of depth and texture. Purchasing one for your home will definitely provide it with warmth, class and sophistication and will make any living space truly elegant and inviting.