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Gourmet Coffee Blends

Coffee blends are made by combining different types of coffee beans. They are usually made with Arabica coffee beans which produce the good coffee flavor and aroma coffee lovers love. A coffee blend can become a special coffee brand used by cafes, roasters, and growers to attract repeat customers. These coffee brands can have a unique coffee flavor that can’t be found anywhere else.

Signature Blends: Signature blends are used by stores, cafes, and coffee sellers to encourage customers to continue to buy their brand or visit their cafe. The goal of signature blending is to produce a unique flavor that consumers can only find at one place. Most signature blend “recipes” are highly guarded secrets.

Consistency Blends: Consistency blends usually contain a large number of bean varieties in order to maintain a consistent flavor should one or more of those varieties become unavailable. Using more beans makes it easier to preserve the coffee’s characteristics if one of the beans is unavailable. This type of blend is typically used by the producers of mass-produced and commercial coffees.

Single-Origin Blends: Single-origin blends are made by using coffee beans from the same geographic growing location which may be as specific as an individual estate or a co-op of farmers in small neighborhoods. This virtually guarantees an unmistakable regional identity in the final cup.

The goal of blending coffees is to create a resulting coffee flavor that is greater than the sum of its component coffees. A good example of this Mocha Java. This blend is a mix of Yemen Mocha beans and Java Arabica beans. Both coffees can stand alone, but each lack different qualities. Yemen Mocha has great acidity and medium body; Java has great body, but low acidity. Blending these coffees in the proper ratio produces a more well-rounded coffee.