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Getting To Know More About Silicone Rubber

Maybe any of you are confused by what is this silicone, is it plastic or rubber? Silicone is polysiloxane (scientifically), but silicone is generally considered as rubber. Silicone is a kind of human-made elastomer, this polymer has elastic properties and silicone has both rubber and plastic properties.

Be it hard solids, rubbery, or liquids, you can use silicone to form those types of products. Silicone is often confused with another word, silicon. You must know that they are different. Silicon is just an element, and silicone is a large molecule or polymer.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Silicone

Many industries need silicone Silicone Rubberdue to its a

dvantages, you can use silicone for such many applications. Besides its advantages, you can find disadvantages in silicone as with other polymers. So you cannot always rely on using silicone for some applications.

Before using silicone, you must understand either the pros or cons. So you can use silicone for the best specific application.


– Silicone Advantages

What makes silicone rubber interesting is its temperature resistance and durability. Range temperatures for silicone to withstand are from -100°C to 250°C. Due to its strong insulation properties, it can be the ideal choice for voltage insulators, transformers, and other many electrical equipment.

Other advantages are resistance to weather and chemically stable, silicone can withstand exposure to ozone, rain, oxygen, rain, and wind. Silicone has low toxicity so it can be used safely for medical or food applications. Silicone was approved in 1979 by the FDA. From that, silicone has been frequently found in kitchen utensils, food containers, and cookware.

So how is silicone used for medical needs? Silicone can be used in feeding tubes, respiratory masks, pacemakers, stents, and other medical uses. Microorganisms cannot grow on silicone material so this material can be even safer.

– Silicone Disadvantages

We know that silicone has many advantages but you must use silicone in its fields. Silicone and other types of polymer also surely have some disadvantages due to their characteristics. Before using silicone, you must know that this elastomer does not give good enough oil resistance.

Silicone also can lose its form and shape because of extended oil exposure. Even though silicone is added with other ingredients to improve tear resistance silicone does not good enough tear strength. You can know from the point before that silicone has so many capabilities.

But for you to use that utilize silicone’s capabilities, you must prepare for its price because this elastomer is quite expensive. Especially for a premium or high-quality silicone, maybe it comes with a higher price. Those disadvantages can be a good consideration when you decide to use silicone rubber for your needs.

That’s all for the above article about the advantages and disadvantages of silicone. This material can provide ideal properties for many industrial needs.

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