Getting Married in Bali

If you are planning to get married there are very few places as romantic and scenic as Bali to hold that special day with you and your loved one. The sunsets and tropical vegetation offer hundreds of different locations to make your Bali wedding day a memorable one. The service that Balinese are renowned for and the popularity of Bali as a tourist destination will ensure that all your wedding dreams will come true if you decide to hold it here, there is no shortage of wedding services from simple cakes to intricately designed wedding dresses.

Wedding Services

Wedding planners are very popular for people planning a Bali wedding as it takes all the stress out of the big day and lets you concentrate on other things, like soaking up the sun. The packages that you will find range from basic bride and groom weddings to elaborate affairs. Bali catering, focuses on fine food, beverage and exceptional service for weddings and other events. Whether you are having a small intimate wedding or a grand affair, Bali catering have been providing services to thousands of delighted clients all over the island.

Wedding Dresses

Not only because of the transportation issues, but the cost factor is enough to convince you to get your dress made in Bali. Once you have picked out a traditional western dress or decide to go with a Balinese dress, it will only take a few days for your dress to be ready for you to wear. The materials used tend to be much more suited for the climate, so unless you are using an heirloom to be married in it is much better just to get your dress made while in Bali.

Most people who come to Bali to get married leave all the arranging to companies that provide excellent service and only need to worry about color schemes and how many tiers they want on their wedding cake . However big a wedding or wherever you want to hold it, Bali wedding services will be able to provide it for you from flower girls to entertainment.

Required Documents for a Bali Wedding

For the majority of foreigners it is possible to get married in Bali legally and your marriage will be recognized by your government. Under Indonesian/Balinese law the marriage will have to be performed as a legal religious ceremony, no marriages can be conducted in government offices. The religions recognized by Bali are: Christian Protestant, Catholic, Buddhism, Hindu and Muslim and you will need to register your marriage with the district Civil Registrar.

You will need to obtain a Certificate of Non Impediment to Marriage (CNI) either when in Bali or in your own country before the wedding. If possible it is easier to apply for this in your country of residence. Basically this is a letter from your Embassy or Consulate that confirms that there is no legal reason that you should not be allowed to get married in an Indonesian country.

In order for the Embassy to issue this letter, each person must personally attend their respective consulate or embassy and swear an oath that there is no reason why they should not be allowed to get married. Certain consulates allow you to apply through the post as long as you provide the following documentation. If done in person the certificate is usually issued the same day.

The following is documentation and procedures that you need to be followed. If you are going to get married in Bali, it is important to get all of the necessary documentation long before you get married as there are often delays and can interfere with your wedding day. Many of the documents can be arranged from your own country and it is usually a lot faster to do.

– Passport – Birth certificates of both marriage parties’. – Baptismal certificate or other forms of proof of faith. – For people under the age of 21 a letter will be required from the parents stating that they consent to the marriage taking place. – If relevant, death certificate of former spouse. – A decree of absolute divorce certificate.- At least two witnesses are required to attend your wedding.- 8 photos of the couple, side by side, looking straight ahead and of the head and shoulders only. The size of the photos needs to be 6cm by 4cm.

For Catholic Marriages additional documents include:

– Baptism certificates are mandatory and should have been issued not more than 6 months before the wedding, but it is safer if they are issued less than 3 months before.- A “Letter of Freedom” needs to be issued by your Parish Priest or other church official stating that you have never previously been married and you are free to marry.- A “Letter of Delegation” needs to be issued by your Parish Priest or other church official stating that they have no objection to you being married by a Catholic Priest from a church in Bali.

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