Fun Facts You Never Knew About Coffee!

To some of you, coffee may just be another morning drink to get you through the day, but for more and more of us, coffee is becoming a true love that has a dark and rich history that we want to know more about. Yes, Java has been around for centuries, but how exactly did it get its name, and how did people used to drink it in the past? You may be surprised to know that Java has a more interesting past than you think, and I have some fun facts for you to help you get re-acquainted with your beloved drink!

Did you know?

Java is actually something that is banned in the Olympic Games because pro athletes can only have less than 12 mcg of caffeine for each milliliter of urine, or else they will be disqualified. Maybe that’s why I could never make it as an Olympic athlete… This is actually equivalent to around 5 cups of coffee, so they can have minimal amounts, but they do risk being disqualified if they overdo it. This is also ironic because studies have shown that Java before working out does improve performance, so maybe that’s why it is a tested substance.

Where does the name “coffee” actually come from? Originally, people used it to refer to wine because it was made from dark berries that made the drink appear black. As time went on, many religious followers substituted Java for wine in there all night prayer sessions, but the name stuck with it after all this time.

What does the term “AA” even mean? To put it into perspective, beans are actually given certain grades for their size and quality. AA is the best available because it is the largest grade of bean, while other bean varieties are graded as strictly hard, good hard, hard, medium hard, high grown, medium grown, and low grown.

Culturally, grooms in ancient Turkey were required to make a vow to always give their wives Java throughout their marriage, or else they would be divorced. What is a serious matter!

As a Java drinker, your body can actually only absorb the equivalent of four cups at one time, and the rest is dispensed from your body through waste. From that point, about 20% of that caffeine will be pushed through your system per hour. This reinforces the fact that the best way to enjoy your brew is in small amounts throughout the day to keep you going without crashing. Another fun fact is that espresso has only one third of the caffeine of your average cup of Joe!

Asian Java culture is on the rise, and they are now the third largest Java consumer in the world. They are even going a step further by using Java for beauty by bathing in coffee grounds that are fermented to smooth out their skin and reduce the appearance of age instead of your typical mud bath. Very innovative!

The point of the matter is that however you like to enjoy your brew, there is much more to do your Java than meets the eye, and that alone is worth appreciating.