Fix Error 1723 in Windows 7

The Error 1723 in Windows 7 relates to the Installer, and may appear at the time you are undertaking activity of installing or uninstalling a software program. There are so many cases on the internet indicating that Error 1723 was appeared while installing Java, iTunes, Kaspersky Internet Security, Nitro PDF Professional and other programs. It results in abortion of the entire installation process.

The full error description is “Error 1723. There is a problem with this Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run.”

How do I fix the Error 1723 in Windows 7?

1. Re-register the Installer2. Scan Registry Entries with a Registry Fixing Tool3. Restore the Changes you made to your System4. Reinstall the Installer5. Scan for System Files Corruption

Reregister the Installer

Try re-registering the Windows Installer to fix the Error 1723 in Windows 7. You shall unregister and then re-register it again.

For re-registering it, do the below procedures:

1. Press Windows Key + R of your keyboard to load the Run box.2. Type msiexec /unreg3. Press ENTER key.4. Repeat the above Step 1.5. Type msiexec /regserver6. Press ENTER key.

Scan Installer Registry Entries with a Registry Fixing Tool

Windows Installers stores the necessary information in the registry for the purpose of retrieving while installing or uninstalling a product. Corrupted registry entries, invalid Image Path of Windows Installer result in Error 172.

You scan and fix the incorrect registry configurations, especially uninstall entries, ActiveX objects, shared DLLs, file/ path references. Use a well-known registry fixing tool for doing this job.

Restore the Changes you have made to your System

It might be possible that the influence of other programs resulted in corruption of Windows Installer files or its registry entries. If scanning and fixing the registry entries as above does not work, try this one.

1. Click Start All Programs Accessories System Tools System Restore.2. Click Next button.3. Select a restore point.4. Follow the wizard your own.

Reinstall Windows Installer

Windows Installer shows the Error 1723 when it is not properly installed on your system. You shall reinstall it. Get a fresh setup of Windows Installer from Microsoft website and double click it to start the installation.

Scan for System Files Corruption

The corrupted system files make the problems like error 1723. You shall scan your system files and then solve the problem by replacing them with originals.1. Insert the disc you used to install Windows.2. Press Windows Key + R of your keyboard to load the Run box.3. Type SFC /ScanNow4. Press Enter.

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