Fashion Texture and Fabric Cuts With Bratz

The past centuries mark a great progression in fashion. While the traditional fashion clothing has a defined and strict silhouette for tailored clothing which most people wore, new fashion statements dictates that trends should be less restricted, expressing the passion of the wearer while at the same time having the structure to define the body. This paved way for a more creative and playful expression of fashion through texture, and fabric cuts. While it may be boring to read the guides to fashion at a certain fashion magazine or you might be sleepy watching the fashion video from the experts in the houses in Paris, there is another medium that offers the same learning but opposites the dull effect of the learning process. Intrigue with it? Learn and have fun with the dressing up games as you explore fashion texture and cuts with Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha!

The dramatic and playful ruffles. While the suit is best fitted for corporate attire, ruffled dresses, skirts, shirts and tops are gaining ground in the fashion world after its long rest in the past years. A ruffle is a strip of fabric, ribbon or lace that has been gathered tightly to produce the effect of waves. This is often used for curtains but also recognized in fashion dresses and even corporate shirts. Dressing up games have a wide variety of this type from skirts to tops and even bags.

Faux fur. Faux fur or the fake fur is one of the most elegant and luxurious element of a fashion clothing. Because of the growing concern on animal protection, this has been invented to produce the same stylish effect and soft cravings to the skin. A fashion jacket with faux fur at the hemline and hood is a perfect example of clothing at the dressing up games that uses this accessory as an element of clothing.

The Batik. This pattern of fabric is known in Asian and West African countries. While Batik is mistakenly called for the type of fabric, this is otherwise since it is the pattern that is called the Batik. The Batik pattern works well on leather, wool, silk, cotton and other materials. While some may see this as an old tradition, this becomes part of the closet at the dressing up games to showcase the genuine creativity that goes with fashion.

The Silk. This Chinese fabric is one of the most preferred, common and yet considered as one of the most exquisite texture you can play on when looking for fashionable clothes. Highly regarded in the fashion world not only because of the aesthetic appearance, it also becomes a fashion must have due to the sophistication it gives to the user as it touches the bare skin.

Play with textures and patterns more with dressing up games and see the boost in your creative thinking and fashions sense.