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Fantastic – Discover Scuba Diving in Bali!

Everyone one remembers their first dive. The sensations of discovering the underwater realm are permanently imprinted directly on the brain, taking a Bali Discover Scuba Diving Adventure intensifies the effect as you take in such awesome sights on your first dives. The combination of rich Indonesian black sand reef with its entire ensemble of fantasia colored inhabitants combined with the living coral festooned, massive wreck is pretty hard to beat for your first underwater adventure.

The best Bali Dive from almost all experienced Bali divers points of view, from Advanced Open Water to Divemasters & Instructors, they will almost all agree that the best Bali dive is the Tulamben wreck in North Bali. This Liberty ship wreck in North Bali is a freighter that was hit by a Japanese Torpedo during WWII, they beached the ship so that they could unload the cargo, and the wreck sat on the beach until the local volcano pushed it into the sea in 5 to 30 meters of water, nearly 20 years later. While on the beach after the war, they were salvaging the wreck for the steel, so when the volcano pushed it in to the ocean, you could look inside the wreck almost as if it was a mechanical exploding view, so you do not actually need to go inside the shipwreck to see what the ship has to offer; this point is important as PADI Discover Scuba Diving participants are not allowed to go into overhead environments such as caves or wrecks, this is also true for PADI Open Water student divers.

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) experience is a well thought out program supported with many types of media from, videos & cue cards to flip charts and books that leads to a thorough pre dive briefing that covers everything that the diver will do from the putting on of equipment, the simple skills that they will need to master in the shallow water, where it is very easy for them to reach the surface, to the planned entrance and exits points, and what they can expect to see and experience along the way. They will also receive a debrief at the end of the dive’s that will cover things from the dives and reminders that they have only started the learning process and suggests to them that if they enjoyed the experience they continue on and sign up for a PADI scuba diver or PADI open water certification courses, which will result in diving cards allowing them to dive whenever they like up to the limits of their dive rating.

After completing the skills in the shallow water the divers lead by the Instructor go on a tour generally taking one of two paths. The more common is around the bow of the ship where at ten meters they can look through a couple of holes and see lots of fish inside, including on most days Moorish Idols, colorful groupers and several different types of butter fly fish and wrasses. As they continue around to look into the ship directly, they will be rewarded with many different types of soft corrals that come in all the colors of the rainbow, quite beautiful as they gently sway back and forth. The instructor will keep an half an eye out towards the deep as the wreck is often visited a swirling tornado like mass of Trevallys, making one feel like they are extras in a National Geographic Special. As you continue on the path you might see a lurking monster of a fish, that while potentially dangerous to the little fish, this local Giant Barracuda is used to having divers around and is no threat as you glide past towards the shallower water and the shallow reefs formed by the masts of the ship, where a few Oriental Sweet lips like to hang out along with some good sized tangs and rabbit fish. A special treat is the garden eels which are planted in the luxurious black sand ever watching and grazing and taking care by ducking into their burrows anytime anything comes close to them that could take them as lunch. Then as the tour is coming to an end, the instructor will be watching for small little things to point out in the sand that the inexperienced eye will most times over look, as you head towards the exit point and the end of the dive.

It is now that you will start talking about your experience to anyone and everyone that will lend an ear, and the good news is that after lunch you most likely will do it again, but for a little longer, and as you are more comfortable on the 2nd dive, your brains ability to take in and process the fantastic spectacle increases as you Discover Scuba Diving and the magic of underwater Bali.

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