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Fabric Paintings – Types and Variations

Fabric painting is a unique art form that is an age-old tradition in India. Today, the usage of the fabric painting has revolutionized to such an extent that is a popular homemade handcraft. It is practiced as a hobby.

It is the vibrant expression of the painter on the fabrics. Fabric painting can be carved at a very affordable price with simple techniques and procedures. Fabric painting is all about mixing alluring colors and applying heat in proportions. It’s very important for the painters t use the right amount of color and heat in order to create a particular form of fabric painting.

Some of the most popular fabric paintings are Siberia, Batik Painting, Silk Screening, Dyeing, Layering and Watercolor Painting. It is the lively expression of fabrics. Many people are practicing this art either as a hobby or for a livelihood. It became a new trend in the clothing line primarily because it is more convenient to use than the dyes as it does not require too heating or steaming.Fabric painting can be seen adorning ladies dresses, men shirts, hand bags, curtains, wall hangings, cushion covers, upholstery, and more are decorated with the help of the fabric paints. One doesn’t need to be an expert in it. Various fabric paints are buyable fro the store shelf. Just a little creativity and sound knowledge on different methods is needed to make fabric paintings.

Fabric paints have non-toxic substances and are definitely safe to use even for children. Fabric paint ushers a variety of effects such as metallic, opaline, opaque or transparent, which create a distinct texture that only fabric paints can produce.

There’s various form of fabric painting techniques used to achieve the fabric paint result like Dark background fabric painting where opaque fabric paint is used to paint the dark surfaces; the Alcohol and Salt Effect is done by dropping alcohol on the fabric paint in order to produce spots that are light on the inside and dark on the edges; the Closing or Fence Painting is produced in a stretched silk outlined with design and painting the spaces inside the design with paint with the use of a line drawing material called the water-based resists; Silk Fabric Paintings produce paints on silk and after the application, the silk paint must be heated and ironed to make the painting permanent; Sun painting is the best for transparent fabrics.