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Fabric Painting – A Unique Form of Art

Painting is a unique art and from very long time it has attracted people towards itself, either to learn this art or to admire this unique art. Paintings are the expressions of the painters and express the views and feelings of the painters. Michelangelo, L. D. Vinci, etc., are some of the great painters of their times, and they have given some awe-inspiring paintings to the world. Painting is done on walls, potteries, fabrics, glasses etc. However, among them fabric painting has become a famous homemade handcraft.

Fabric painting, a unique art of painting, finds its lively expression on the fabrics. Painting on fabric has become popular as a household craft work. Many people are practicing this art either as a hobby or for a livelihood. The procedure and technique of this painting are very simple and at an affordable expense attractive paintings can be carved out on the fabrics. This is why the demand for painted fabrics is increasing nowadays.

Ladies dresses, men shirts, hand bags, curtains, wall hangings, cushion covers, upholstery, and more are decorated with the help of the fabric paints. Don’t think that if you are not expert in painting then you cannot be a fabric painter. You only need is sound knowledge on different methods of fabric painting and some creative skills and the rest is done automatically.

It is all about applying heat and mixing colors in proportions. A fabric painter works like a chemist whose work is to mix colors and perceive the reactions. However, the fact is that a fabric painter must know that how much heat and color is required so that a particular type of painting is created. The most famous section among the fabric paintings is dyeing, silk-screening, layering, batik painting, dyeing and water painting.

Among the different types of paintings on fabric, the simplest and common form is dyeing. In dyeing part of the fabric is tied and merged into the solutions of color dye while another part is abstained from dyeing. When these fabrics are folded to give a particular shape, various designs are formed by the integration of colored and uncolored portions. However, the most favored fabric painting is the Batik Painting which is prepared by blending to dye and wax.

Batik painting was originated in the Javas Indonesian island. The unusual tapestry, freedom of art and ensemble of colors of the Batik paintings mesmerizes the painting lovers. In this type of painting, first of all the waxing of the fabric is done, then it is dyed, and lastly it is de-waxed.

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