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Expressing Your Love On Valentine’s Day – Indonesian Style!

Indonesia is a beautiful country with friendly, wonderful and welcoming people. Many people from all over the world travel to Indonesia to find comfort and peace among its amazing natural and cultural wonders. While there, many people take a liking to the open and friendly people they meet. Sometimes, that “liking” turns into something else! When it happens to, you don’t want to be at a loss for words. So, here are a few amorous phrases you can use for your Indonesian valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Selamat Hari Kasih Sayang!(Suh-la-maht Hah-ree Kas-ihh Sai-yahng)

I like you!

Saya suka kamu

(Sai-ya soo-kah kah-moo)

I love you!

Saya cinta kamu!

(Sai-ya chin-tah kah-moo)

You are very beautiful!

Kamu cantik sekali!

(Kah-moo chan-teek suh-kah-lee)

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Kamu ada pacar?

(Kah-moo ah-da pah-char)

Where do you live?

Kamu tinggal di mana?

(Kah-moo ting-gahl dee mahn-ah)

Do you have a roommate?

Kamu ada kawan sekamar?

(Kah-moo ah-da kah-wahn suh-kah-mar)

Yes / No / Maybe

Ya / Tidak / Mungkin

(Yah / Tee-dahk / Moong-kin)

The rest you’ll have to figure out for yourself! The good news is that Indonesians are a friendly and quite happy to help you learn. Just knowing a few phrases will open up a whole new world. Indonesian is (surprisingly!) extremely easy to learn for English speakers! While its home is exotic and beautiful, the language is simple, expressive and easy when compared to Spanish, French, German and other European languages.

If you a little time to learn a bit of the language, people will be very impressed. You will certainly attract a lot of curious new friends. It’s not often that they meet travelers that take such a personal interest in their language. Smiles and nods may get you pretty far, but nothing beats being able to tell someone exactly what you’re thinking. Language is key to romance, and Indonesian is a very romantic language. This can come in very handy, of course. If you meet a new friend that you would like to get to know better, you’ll need to be able to tell them how you really feel, and know how to ask them out to some place romantic.

Indonesia was tailor-made for romance. Its beautiful natural scenery, 16,000+ tropical islands, beaches and, most importantly, friendly people, will make you feel like you have found paradise on earth. Right at this moment, thousands of travelers are falling in love with Indonesia. For many of them, they will fall hard and have to return soon. The place is like nowhere else on earth. It is as if Indonesia was carefully carved from the earth and crafted for the sole purpose of finding peace, love and serenity. Travelers never forget.

Indonesians are a wonderfully expressive people and so is their language. It rolls off the tongue like Italian or the waves breaking on a beautiful beach in Bali. Many travelers go to Indonesia looking for a vacation and leave with a big piece of Indonesia in their heart. They’re hooked… they’re in love. They must go back some day, and maybe meet their sweetheart for a drink under a Balinese moon for one last time.