Enjoy Your Mesmerizing Malaysia Tour

Malaysia, is truly a cosmopolitan city to be found at the connection of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea. Malaysia tours offer an alluring pull for adventure lovers, businessmen and now leisure travelers. Starting from the sophisticated town of Kuala Lumpur to the chilly hills of Genting Highlands, the interesting beaches of Langkawi and the cookery amusement of Penang, Malaysia Tours has everything to offer the tourists when they are on their holiday Package.

Destinations in Malaysia

The destinations that attract the travelers are the Pulau Payar Marine Park.This is perhaps the most stunning and unusual aquatic parks in Malaysia with a rich and multicolored tropical oceanic life. It is also an exceptional spot for scuba diving, water sports and snorkeling. The enjoyable and pleasing white beaches are an ideal run away for the people who want to get away from the hectic city life.

Another famous Destination that attracts millions of travelers during Malaysia Tours is Genting Highlands.Positioned nearly 50 kilometers from the capital town, Kuala Lumpur, this hill resort is the most expedient escape – idyllic for those town-residents who have less time and yet want to get away from the busy life schedule.

The Malacca trip brings you on a significant tour to feel the inheritance, heritage and traditions of Malacca. Malacca’s attractions have paw marks of the Portuguese, British and Dutch who ruled over this place.

The Half-Day Penang Tour is an attraction to you and your family on a pleasurable trip to ascertain some of Penang’s most appealing views. Khoo Kongsi, a family house for tribal Chinese from the Khoo clan, which also is a temple is found here.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia is another destination for fantastic tourist attractions, astounding scenic beauty, energetic vicinity and vibrant markets. The sights of KL are simply mesmerizing.

Langkawi beaches are another attraction of Malaysia Tours that fascinates numerous tourists to Malaysia and islands surrounding it are the most fine-looking in Southeast Asia. Just imagine white sand shimmering under the tropical sun, comforted by the mild sea breeze as the beautiful birds soar in the clear blue sky. For the water sports lovers Langkawi has everything to offer.

There are nearly 96 flights every week that fly from Dubai linking Kuala Lumpur. Emirates have the nonstop flight that commutes between Dubai, AE and Kuala Lumpur. The smallest air carrier that operates is by Turkey that moves between Dubai, AE and Kuala Lumpur.