Endangered Species List

The World Conservation Union or ICUN prepares a list that indicates which species are considered to be vulnerable and endangered or even critically endangered. If you are a lover of animals or even just interested the world eco environment you will be aware of what is known as the endangered species list. Animals and plants that appear on this list have been scientifically studied and determined to be considerably in danger of becoming extinct due to significantly low numbers in existence. Sadly not enough of us are familiar with what we could be doing to help.

Just some of the animals that appear on the endangered species list today are:

The amazing great apes- Great apes have been hunted and slaughtered to near extinction not just to feed the demand for trade in the African bush meat trade, but also sickeningly to supply the tourist trade in body parts. Introduced diseases such as Ebola have also played a part in the destruction of these beautiful animals.

The Asian Orangutan is on the endangered species list due to deforestation, and plain ignorance to the destruction of habitat for profit.

The Atlantic Salmon- Once so plentiful it was an iconic symbol of healthy rivers and water systems, today many of the active salmon runs are now null and void.

Marine turtles- The turtles, whose origins date back over 200 million years, are today appear on the endangered species list. Habitat pollution and destruction, boating collisions and hunting have almost completely erased them in our time.

Elephants, the largest animal on land, have been unceremoniously poached for decades for their ivory tusks. Again habitat destruction also plays a significant role in our devastating loss and another animal on the endangered species list.

Polar bears appear on the endangered species list as a result of climate change. Global warming has seriously shrunken the Antarctic ice masses on which they hunt their prey. The food supply supporting the polar bear has dramatically reduced as so is the awesome animal.

The Panda, so adored, but so endangered. There are less than 1600 of Chins panda in the wild today, endangered due to poaching and deforestation.

The Rhinoceros is also on the endangered species list endangered and facing the real threat of extinction.

Many other animals also appear on the endangered species list including whales, dolphins, tigers, snow leopard and monarch butterflies. But you can make a difference. Wildlife conservation begins with you and me. We can make a difference by being environmentally aware in our everyday lives. Organic living is not just a trend, it’s a lifeline. Be aware when shopping for groceries and be careful of what chemicals we allow into our environment.