Ebook – Absolute Java 4th Edition

Absolute Java 4th edition is definitely a must-read for every computer science and programming student, or even a programming hobbyist. The author, Walter Savitch, expertly explains to the programming novice the concepts of Java and other programming languages. This edition uses Java 5, the latest version of Java. This book is a good jump-off point for beginners, unlike other books that use the older versions of Java. It explains in depth how the notation of Java 5 is simpler than the notations in the earlier versions of Java. The book explains the various advantages and aspects of Java 5 so the novice programmer can appreciate its improvements.

Users patronize Absolute Java 4th edition because of the simple language it employs. The author explains everything in a straightforward manner. Some students even refer to this book for information instead of relying on their instructors. Since programming is a highly technical field, the gauge of an excellent programming material is how the concepts are laid out simply and understandably. Savitch does the job well by providing a lot of pertinent examples and handy tips. He also tackles crucial concepts from different topics to provide the readers a wider understanding of Java.

The organization of concepts in Absolute Java 4th edition is methodically planned out in such a way that the reader can skip some chapters and not go through the whole book. The author provides some an outline of the principles discussed at the beginning of each chapter. The chapters themselves are managed well. Headings are appropriately divided so the reader doesn’t have to read the entire chapter to look for certain information. Also, the important parts of the codes used in the example are highlighted for easier comprehension. There is an option to just lift out the important parts or to run through the whole code. The text is flexible to different needs of the readers.

Absolute Java 4th edition is getting so much praise from its readers that some even claim to excel better in class through reading than listening to the instructor. One even did better on the more advanced programming course just by reading the book. The book provides exercises for the reader to practice. The exercises are manageable in difficulty. Even the challenging exercises do not deviate from the concepts taught in the book. Savitch should be congratulated for a wonderful job in penning a book that is reader-friendly to programmers of all levels.