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E05A075PBU2XG Toshiba Canvio 750GB Review•KANG DADANG Blog
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E05A075PBU2XG Toshiba Canvio 750GB Review

Are you wondering about performance of E05A075PBU2XG Toshiba Canvio 750GB? If you are not sure about its quality, please read this real review. After reading this review, you will know about pros and cons of the E05A075PBU2XG Toshiba Canvio 750GB. Additionally, I also have my recommendation for you to get a very good deal on it.

Pros of E05A075PBU2XG Toshiba Canvio 750GB

General: E05A075PBU2XG Toshiba Canvio 750GB, 2.5 inch form factor hard drive, has a capacity of 750GB which allow you store tons of your data. A USB cable will supply electricity to the unit once the cable is plugged into a USB port of the computer; therefore, you don not need to carry an external power supply device. Additionally, because the width of the drive is 3.1 inch; its length is 4.7 inch, and its height is 0.7 inch with only 6.3 ounces of weight, it drive is very small when compared to other portable hard drives on the market.

Speed: I use it to back up data, 300 GB, from my friend computer and it takes only 31 minutes for this operation. I am so impressed with its decent transfer rate.

Compatibility: The unit has NTFS format therefore if you use a Windows-based computer, you will not have to format the drive. However, if you use Mac computers, you must take few minutes to reformat it into Mac OS Extended. If you want to use this drive for both Mac and Windows, you need to partition the drive using a disk utility program and format one partition as NTFS for Windows and another partition as Mac OS Extended for Mac. I partition this unit into 2 formats and use for both operating systems and I’ve not had any issue with compatibility.

Temperature and Noise: Some portable hard drives generate heat after being used for long hours but heating up issue does not happen with the Toshiba Canvio 750GB E05A075PBU2XG. Moreover, there is no annoying noise too.

Appearance: In my opinion, this is one of nice design external portable hard drives on the market. Its komodo green body is more attractive too.

Price: With 750 GB capacity, you can purchase it around 90-95 dollars. I think this is an affordable price.

Cons E05A075PBU2XG Toshiba Canvio 750GB

USB cable: It would be better if the USB cable was longer than the one provided by the manufacture.

Light Indication: This is only small thing that I would like to share about the LED light indicating power. It is too bright and it sometimes annoys me while I am working at night. I fix it a small bit of electrical tape.

Where can I buy a very cheap price E05A075PBU2XG Toshiba Canvio 750GB?

The online shopping stores are the best place for you to find the good deal on it. Moreover, you do not spend a lot of time trying to go to conventional shopping malls to buy it.