Diving Sipadan Island, Staying at the Most Luxurious Resort –

Diving Sipadan Island, Staying at the Most Luxurious Resort – Mabul Water Bungalows

Sipadan is known to diving enthusiasts around the world as probably the most desired location for breathtaking diving experiences. Home to over 3000 species of fish and beautiful marine life it is a natural wonder of the world. It is located just east of Malaysia off the coast of Borneo.

In the waters of Sipadan you will have the opportunity of witnessing green and hawksbill turtles that have made it their mating ground. Bumphead Parrotfish, Napoleon Wrasse, Eagle Rays, Reef Sharks and impressively widespread schools of Barracudas freely roam the area making for a wondrous sight-seeing experience.

Being a relatively small island it is actually formed out of living coral that has taken thousands of years to cap itself on the tip of an extinct underwater volcano. The population are extremely friendly and in a bid to preserve this natural environment the government prevents foreigners from settling there.

Mabul Water Bungalows stands out from among the popular tourist resorts on the Island. It is a brand new development built on stilts to ‘float’ fifteen minutes from the main island’s shore. It has just 15 modestly sized bungalows which are comfortable and are fitted with modern furniture to make you feel right at home. All the features you can expect from higher classed accommodation including hot showers, air-conditioning and even satellite TV.

The resort also has two stunning villas namely the Bougain Villa and The Borneo Suite.

The Bougain Villa gives you your own private Jacuzzi and balcony overlooking the ocean from where you actually see the main island. What more could you ask for after a day spent playing with Sipadan’s exquisite marine life? It is also fitted with a designated office space which features 24 hours internet access.

The Borneo Villa suite also gets the same treatment and includes satellite TV in the main living room, DVD player, and a partitioned office for your convenience. The suite also features a private balcony and outdoor Jacuzzi, from where you can soak in the sights, sounds and aromas of the surrounding ocean.

You can also find a cute little shop where souvenirs and curios can be purchased so you can take a piece of the island home with you and share its wonderful memories.

Only certified divers are allowed to go diving, but have no fear as the resort has its own fully fledged diving school right on site. You can expect top training from expert instructors and receive all the diving training you could ask for from basic courses to Divemaster level. Divers who have not been diving for a long time can make do with their Scuba Refresher Course to get them quickly underwater again.

I haven’t forgotten to tell you about the open plan dining hall where you can relish in island paradise cuisine. Mr. Wong is your own master chef every evening, formally a member of an international hotel franchise, and brings to the dining table many years of culinary experience. He pays special attention to your dining needs and will often enquire from guests about foods they are perhaps unable to eat due to allergies. The food is divine and if you are not careful you may be packing on extra weight when it’s time to return home.

On to the main reason why you would go there: the diving. The absolutely courteous staff will ensure that you do everything right when getting ready for a dive. They will assist you in setting up your diving gear and be ready for you when you get back. If you want to form your own private group you can even hire a separate boat which is directed by your own specialist Divemaster.

The boats are simply gorgeous, always look brand new and are obviously well maintained. They are superbly comfortable and getting on and off is a breeze.

Overall the service is tops and this puts a cherry on top of a fantastic diving trip that you will never forget. The staff is also more than adequate and double as child minders for your little ones should you take them along. Nothing is out of place and you always get prompt assistance from them.

Mabul Water Bungalows have built a special fish sanctuary just in front of the jetty and it is 100% accessible even at night for a rather interesting diving experience.

And last but not least is the fabulous award winning Ka’andaman Spa. Imagine after a long day in the water, your mind still replaying the spectacular underwater wonders you have witnessed and your body yearning rejuvenation, and the spa’s expert hands take all the niggles away bringing you to ultimate relaxation.

You can’t beat that and surely by now at least you should have started dreaming up a plan to get to Mabul Water Bungalows as soon as possible.

It is simply one of the few remaining truly untouched natural treasures in the world.