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Dive Sites in Malaysia

The most popular dive sites around Malaysia include diving along gentle sloping reefs in Tioman Island, Perhentian Island and Redang Island; while the impressive vertical wall dives rising directly from the darkest abyss of Sipadan Island, the Layang-Layang Atoll and Mabul Island, not forgetting the drift dives and wreck dives, are among the amazement that will be encountered underwater here.

Beyond doubt, Tioman and Redang Islands are truly beautiful. The underwater panorama encircling the islands boast of grand formations of abundant and diverse coral reefs, stunning underwater caves and passages, and of course enigmatic and exquisite wrecks. Of all the dive spots, there is one that stands on its own – Sipadan Island, East of Borneo. With its breathtaking vertical dives, and vast array of deep ocean species, Sipadan was recognized as an underwater haven by Jacques Cousteau, the veteran in ‘exploration of the wonders of the deep’. Another such beauty in Sabah is Layang-layang Island (Island of the Swallows). Situated in the heart of the Indo-Pacific area, this island has the richest wildlife and greatest marine biodiversity in the world.

More information on these famous dive destinations is detailed below:-

a) Sipadan Island

b) Layang-Layang Islang

c) Tioman Island

d) Redang Island

e) Perhentian Island

f) Payar Island

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