Delectable Cuisines of Bali: A Treat of Your Lifetime

For most travelers, the ideal holiday would consist of not just enjoying themselves with leisure activities and endless hours on the beach or staying at a luxurious hotel, but also to try out the delectable cuisine of that particular country. If you are someone who loves food, you would know that the best place to taste any food is in the country of its origin because they know how to cook it best! While on your trip to Bali too, you should take advantage of the opportunity available to you and try out all the mouth-watering dishes on offer!

To start off, it is best that you find out what Bali is known for when it comes to food; what are their famous dishes and where do they make the best. There are several restaurants that are known for their culinary skills in different types of cooking, around the island, and its best that you do some research of your own such as looking up restaurants or asking locals, so that you would know where to go.

After a fun-filled day trying out water sports or after taking a good long excursion sightseeing around the island, you would no doubt hear your stomach growl. This would call for a laid back evening at a lovely restaurant trying out new food each day.

In addition to its rich culture and sandy beaches, Bali is also known for its traditional food. Anyone who has visited Bali would talk about how irresistible Balinese cuisine is and would probably give you a list of what you should try out while you are on holiday. The Balinese consume rice as their stable food, like most Asians, together with a vegetable dish and meat, usually pork. Balinese cuisine is also spicy to an extent, and you should be weary of this if you are averse to food with a lot of chilli.

If you find certain dishes that you simply love and keep going back for more, then you should know that Bali has several cooking classes on offer for tourists in particular. The class is usually conducted by a local and isn’t too expensive. You can then impress your friends back home with authentic Balinese cuisine!

Some of the Balinese dishes that you should not miss are Babi Guling, Bebek Betutu, and Lawar. Babi Guling consists of suckling pig that is grilled with the skin coming out really crispy. The meat is usually quite tender and succulent. This is a great favorite of the Balinese as they rear their pigs on their own. While this is a special dish of the town of Gianyar, it can now be found in several tourist locations such as Ubud. Lawar is also made using pig meat.

Bebel Betutu on the other hand is duck cooked with various herbs and spices.

Bali is famous for its spices and herbs that are usually mixed to come up with a truly unique taste.

Typically, you would find boards outside local shops that specialize in these dishes. Watch out for them. Read a few reviews of the bigger and more expensive restaurants if you can find them, in case if you don’t like visiting local shops. This would give you an idea of what each restaurant specializes in.