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Decorative Rubber Stamps – Affordably Creative

Rubber stamps have gone a long way since people have started using them for business purposes and to stamp the family seal on documents and papers. In modern times, these handy tools have evolved into decorative rubber stamps that are used in almost every imaginative way possible. Stamps have been used to decorate designer clothes with batik prints. The ink used to make batik prints no longer fades with the passing of time unlike before. Modern batik prints undergo a process right after the ink is applied to the fabric, making it stick to cloth. This adds to the appeal of batik prints and gives more reasons for stamp lovers to continue with this craft.

Decades ago, rubber stamps were only used in offices to stamp company logos, stationeries, and other company information. These days, rubber stamping is used by many and it has become a wonderful hobby or a business venture for many. Decorative rubber stamps are widely used in scrapbooking and home craft projects. You can also use them for greeting cards, letters, Christmas and birthday cards, flyers and banners to give your work a unique and personal touch. Art rubber stamps will also be handy in decorating stationery, notebooks and festive wrapping paper. You can make use of one design or many complementary figures to give life to your blank sheet.

Utilize your art stamps in a more creative way! You can paint them with fabric paint to make a nice border pattern on any piece of cloth such as napkins, tablecloths, or shirts. These stamps can also be applied on hard surfaces such as metal or wood so you can go ahead an stamp away on your picture frames, trunks, jewelry boxes and even closets. To get the best results, choose stamps, surfaces and inks which are compatible with each other. Have fun decorating your kid’s room, making elegant borders and painting your walls with art stamps.

Be careful when buying your stamps for you have to choose the right size for a specific purpose. For instance, you should choose small stamps if you intend to decorate wrapping papers or stationeries and you should go for big stamps if you are planning on decorating ceilings and walls. Don’t forget to apply the right paint with a small brush, a paint pen, or a traditional pad and be sure to rinse them thoroughly after every use.

Decorative rubber stamps were not readily available before, you have to go to your local office supply store or you have to order them online. These days these stamps are available online with a click of your finger or you can go to the local supermarket and you’ll find rubber stamps in all sizes, shapes and designs. If you want to become more skilled in rubber stamping, there are lots of magazines and books ideal for those people who want to perfect their craft. With decorative stamps, there is no limit to the creativity that you can achieve.