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Darwinism Is On The Retreat And Can No Longer Deceive

Darwinism Is On The Retreat And Can No Longer Deceive The World!

Darwinism claims that intermediate fossils exist, when they do not … It offers invalid “proofs.” All the fossils discovered clearly verify creation, but it maintains just the opposite. It seeks to persuade us that great artists and brilliant scientists came into existence through a chance arrangement of proteins; the odds against that ever happening are 1 in 10950 – in other words, impossible. It even seeks to convince us that university professors who thus emerged do research on how they, themselves, came into being by chance!

Darwinism regards the way that a living cell’s chromosomes contain more coded information than a giant library as a miracle of blind chance. It insists that merely by the divine power of chance, unconscious atoms developed over eons into seeing, hearing, conscious human beings. For Darwinism, the deity that works miracles is chance. Now in these books, you can read for yourself the newly-discovered evidence that removes the dark spell of Darwinism once and for all.

1. Darwinism no longer claims that proteins could have formed through “evolution.” The odds against even a single protein emerging randomly in its correct sequence is 10950 to 1 – a mathematical impossibility.

2. Darwinism no longer presents fossils as evidence of evolution. All the worldwide excavations down to the present day have not unearthed a single one of the mythical “intermediate forms” or “missing links,” of which evolutionists once claimed there should be millions.

3. Evolutionists despair in the face of the countless fossils discovered so far. That’s because each one is of a kind that supports and proves creation.

4. Evolutionists no longer maintain that Archaeopteryx was the forerunner of birds. The latest research into Archaeopteryx fossils totally invalidates the claim that this creature was “half-bird,” and shows that it possessed the full anatomy and brain structure needed for flight, so the myth of “avian evolution” has become untenable.

5. Darwinism no longer points to the erroneous sequence of fossils, in which the modern horse is supposedly the final result. The fossils represent independent species that lived at different times, and in different places.

6. Darwinism can no longer use the fossil Coelacanth to support the myth of life’s transition from water to land. This creature, once claimed to be an extinct intermediate form, is a bottom-dwelling fish of which more than 200 living specimens have been caught.

7. Darwinism can no longer maintain that fossil creatures like Ramapithecus and the Australopithecus subspecies (A. Bosei, A. Robustus, A. Aferensis, A. Africanus, etc.) were the ancestors of man. Research has demonstrated that they are totally unrelated to human beings and are extinct species of ape.

8. Darwinism can no longer deceive people with artists’ “reconstructions” of animals that once lived. Scientists have revealed that reconstructions based on the skeletal remains are of no scientific value and are completely untrustworthy.

9. Darwinism can no longer point to Piltdown Man as evidence for evolution. No such fossil as “Piltdown Man” ever existed! For 40 years, people were deceived by a hoax – an orangutan’s jawbone added to a human cranium.

10. Darwinism can no longer maintain that Nebraska Man and its alleged family confirm evolution. The remains of “Nebraska Man’s” molar tooth actually belonged to an extinct species of wild pig.

11. Darwinism can no longer maintain that natural selection gave rise to evolution. Science has proven that this mechanism cannot cause living things to acquire new characteristics and thus, “evolve.”

Darwinists have offered a great deal more misinformation than the above examples, and time has totally invalidated them all. For example, the mutations once claimed to “fuel” evolution, actually have a destructive effect, bringing not improvements but sickness, deformity or death. The structure in the human embryo that Darwinists once identified as gills is actually the beginning of the middle-ear canal, the parathyroid, and the thymus gland. It’s been revealed that drawings of embryos were later altered to support evolution. It’s been discovered that the genetic information for bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics has actually existed in their DNA since they came into being.

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